Shadow of the Church
Shadow of the Church

Shadow of the Church

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This piece was given to use by one of "the Guides."  You will understand what I mean in a little bit.  The funny thing about secret societies is that it really is no secret that they exist.  More often than not, the purpose of the secret society is all that manages to remain a secret.  Sometimes the people involved in these secret societies manage to slip by unnoticed.  However, in the case of the Illuminati and the Freemasons, inclusion in their fraternity has become overwhelmingly obvious if you know what you are looking for.  
Still, it is quite impressive that the oldest secret society in the world has managed to stay just that-- a secret society.  Despite having a book called the Work of the Mont Order published, they have still managed to baffle investigators so much that most of them have even begun to doubt the existence of such an order in the first place.  It makes you really stop and wonder.  How, then, was the book published?  Some people think it was created to incite anxiety in people that their lives are being totally controlled.  This is not true.  At least it isn't true when it comes to the Mont Order, also known as La Montagne.  Off-shooting factions of their knowledge such as the Illuminati have used this power to try to take total control, but they have not.  
The sole purpose of the Order?  To exist in maximum enlightenment and knowledge of all things.  Thus far they are doing exactly.  Their magic co-exists with all possible white magic and the presence of God, with the exception that they don't believe in different gods.  They believe in one universal power that represents God.  This power has been interpreted many different ways, depending on what god or set of gods you believe in.  However, all the different teachings of the vast network of religions pretty much point to the same existential driving force behind existence.  That is the God they believe in.  It is set forth in the thousands upon thousands of other volumes of writings that were written by their scribes since prehistoric times.  This is in addition to the one aspect of their existence that was published in the Work of the Mont Order.  
The origins of the the order remain a secret, but it has been written that they own many chapels and exist in the Shadows of Churches.  This is pretty much proof that their powers are all white light and have been created simply on the sacred knowledge of the God that governs us all.  It is the same God that created us all and the same God to whom we will return.  Earth and life are not pointless and meaningless, it's just that the human mind is not intelligent enough to comprehend this notion.  
This power has been passed down throughout generation through a system of students and guides.  The students are the members of the covert school of thought.  The guides are the ones that teach the students all they need to know.  They are the most powerful of the group.  It is from one of these guides that we received this piece.  It is a piece of awakening and enlightenment.  It fully aligns your chakras in your body while aligning your whole chakra system with the chakra system that exists in the universe.  It is no coincidence.  The chakra systems have been created by god as a funnel to share his white light.  I call God a him, because it is more easily understood in this fashion.  In all actuality God is a metaphysical type of being, only existing is spiritual form.  It is the force at the center of the universe-- the divine cosmos.  
With this piece you gain a full awakening, which will bring on a full range of white light psychic abilities.  Among these abilities is a connection to the white light cognisance of God.  This will be passed onto you through the system of chakras that have been placed throughout your body and the universe.  They are power hubs where god's knowledge and divine presence are repeated and sent forward in their journey.  When they reach you, you will gain the full understanding of God and how the universe works.  You will be able to look upon the face of God and comprehend exactly what the meaning of life is.  You will be able to travel to Heaven to see all things that God has created outside of Heaven and Earth.  You will be able to experience these forms of existence.  It will answer any and all questions you've ever had in regards to existence such as, "What really happens when I die," and "Did God create aliens?"  
In gaining this understanding, you will of course, gain the knowledge of sacred magic and these are all the forms of magic that have been encoded into the Bible when it was written by humans who were under the influence of the Holy Spirit, or the same white light awakening you will be experiencing.  You will receive visions from God including those of End Times.  You will be able to travel throughout time to places in the past, present, and future.  This will also allow you to piece together the meaning of existence.  It will allow you experience the expanses of Heaven and the many mansions and streets of gold that are there.  You will be able to communicate with angels and saints and a number of other heavenly hosts, who will also impart powers and magic upon you in the form of blessings.  There is really now telling EXACTLY what powers you will gain, other than what I have just told you this piece allows you to do.  That depends on how often you use your piece and where you use it to travel.  What I do know is that the powers you will get are very potent, as they have all originated from the white light universal realms, which is basically the same as saying they have all come from Heaven.  This is not a piece you want to miss out on, especially if you ever wanted to exist as God does, obtain all of his magic, and known the meaning and purpose of life as a whole.