The Coat Skins of Ed Gein, the Plainfield Ghoul
The Coat Skins of Ed Gein, the Plainfield Ghoul

The Coat Skins of Ed Gein, the Plainfield Ghoul

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I could get into the whole back story surrounding the birthing and upbringing of Ed Gein, but it isn't really necessary.  What I will say is that his father was a raging alcoholic who could never hold down a job.  His mother, Augusta, kind of hated everyone, especially his father and took it out on people who didn't deserve, including her children.  She hated people so much that she sold the grocery shop that she owned and isolated her family to a farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin.  
Once there, she kind of turned away all outsiders, raising her children as strict Lutherans.  It more or less would remind you of a scene out of the movie Carrie, but who am I to judge.  What I'm saying is that there are numerous reasons surrounding the fact that her son Ed would end up as a serial killer one day.  One of these reasons is because he turned to magic as a way to rebel what his mother was forcing him to believe in.  In small towns there are always skeletons in the closet.  As it turned out, this was sweet Augusta's demise.  
Magic was rife in the area she moved too, as is the case when you move into one of those old, creepy farmhouses.  They never work out that well.  When she discovered that her son had been dabbling in magic, she didn't really know how to take it.  You'll never see it reported, because the family always kind of tried to keep happy faces.  She eventually tried to kill her son, which also wasn't reported, because nobody ever knew about it.  We only know about it now, thanks to the item we have that has given us a better understanding of the whole situation.  This is where Ed first learned to kill.  of course Augusta never succeeded and she lived the rest of her life in fear that her son was possessed by the devil and that he was going to hex her.  Serves her right if you ask me. 
The truth is Ed Gein did keep tabs on his mother, which was publicized as his eagerness to take care of her mother after having a paralyzing stroke.  This was simply not the case.  To begin with, he killed his own brother in a staged, accidental fire.  Then, he figured he could have his mother all to himself.  He could keep tabs on her the way he wanted to.  Sources will have you believe that he kept watch over his mother like a good son, this just wasn't the case.  
As he grew older, I cannot deny that Ed suffered from some serious mental illness.  One day, in 1947, he just snapped and began murder people and digging up bodies from graves.  Out of these bodies he would create relics, leggings, masks, and skin coats.  Authorities equated this to some sort of weird transvestite fascination with becoming his mother and crawling around in her skin.  The story goes that she had died by this time and he missed her so much that he wanted to become her.  Again, the media will do anything for a story, even when they don't understand properly.  
What Ed Gein was doing had nothing to do with the fact that he wanted to become a woman by dressing up in skin and faces.  It is actually quite as weird if I must be honest.  Using the magic that he had learned as a teenager, Ed was able to use the alchemy of his murder victim's dead bodies and those bodies that he had dug up from graves.  He made skin relics out of them and it would allow him to be any person who he chose.  He had a rough childhood, with people beating him and telling him how terrible he was.  The last person that he wanted to be was himself; so why not be someone else?  This is exactly what he did, by wearing the skin of the deceased.  He put some kind of magic into that would allow him to not only become the person whose skin he was wearing, but he could become whatever person or being that he wanted to become.  It's quite creepy if you ask me, but a little bit ingenious at the same time.  
Long story short, this piece syphons the powers out Plainfield Ghoul's skins and sets them into this piece.  What I mean by this is that it uses the energies from them.  With this piece you can use the magic to transform into anybody you want, from any time period past or present.  You get to be who they were/are, you get to see life through their eyes and take their full body form.  You will experience what they have experienced.  In doing this you can visit any time period you want.  Perhaps you were infatuated with Marie Antoinette and you want to experience what it was like to live her life.  Or maybe you want to know how it feels to be Henry VIII and pretty much be able to bang anybody you want.  Maybe you want to know what it feels like to be Jesus, or Aleister Crowley.  The thing is that when you become these people, you also gain all their knowledge.  Thus, when you become, for example, an Aleister Crowley, you will gain all of his knowledge of Egyptian magic, Aiwass, and the whole nine yards.  When you become, say Moses, you will gain the ability to speak to God and ascend into Heaven.  So you see, this piece can be very productive.  It's a shame that Ed didn't realize he could have also made an item like this using the alchemy he had learned.  It would have same him and incredible amount of jail time.  There was no need to kill anybody; but I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  Enjoy.