Power in the Archetype; A Box With No Name
Power in the Archetype; A Box With No Name

Power in the Archetype; A Box With No Name

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What was in the box, probably should have stayed in the box.  However, it wasn't and now you can find pictures of what was in the box all over the Internet.  However, what most people can't do is seem to make any specific sense of those things that were found in the box.  The box was handmade out of wood and just tossed away in a dumpster like it was really interesting stuff.  The box in the dumpster was later found by a man who pleaded with authorities not release his name, because he felt as though whomever had written the notes would come after him and do terrible things to him.  By this fact and this fact alone, I have absolutely no-one to attribute the finding to.  It's not like it's that big of a deal, but it is always good to give credit where credit is do.  
Now I have often said that those people who claim that there are no such thing as extraterrestrials are in some deep kind of denial.  Those who think that God made the Earth and that he made nothing else of interest are-- in a word-- dumb.  I have never been so dumbfounded as when I have conversations with religious people who claim that reading the Bible gives them enough of a reason to believe that there are no such things as aliens.  If they had been created, they'd be in there, right?  Let us not forget the the "Bible" that we know today was also edited by a bunch of people who thought the Earth was flat.  
This piece brings about irrefutable evidence that aliens do exist.  Inside of said mystery box, among other things, are pages of archetypal creatures.  They look humanoid, but you can also tell that they are not human in nature-- you know by the obvious lion coming out of the back of the head.  Or, perhaps the fact that several of them have wings.  In fact, they are designed in such a way that they look like angels.  I'm not intentionally trying to draw conclusions, but it could be that our "angels" are nothing more than highly advanced beings from other realms... AKA extraterrestrials.  
Either way, there were a whole bunch of documents found in the mystery box.  I don't even know where the box ended up to be honest with you.  We caught wind of it through a friend of ours in London, which is where the box was at the time.  In fact, the presence of this box has been kept so secret that the only thing that I will ever be able to call it is the mystery box.  There's no name for it and the man who discovered it has long since went back to living his normal every day life.  
Among the documents found was a handwritten periodic table of elements, math equations for geometric solids, instructions for how to build mechanisms and other parts of spacecraft, and several other documents that didn't even make humanly intelligible sense.  Whatever the case may be and whatever the meaning of the contents as a whole really isn't as important as the fact that this item came from the box.  It was found in the box and holds the powers of the box.  By powers of the box, what I mean is that this piece holds a subconscious knowledge of a vast array of archetypal forms.  These forms are all different species and types of aliens that exist throughout the galaxies.  Each of these archetypes holds a different powers.  Some of these powers are things that you will recognize such as wealth.  Some of them will be astral travel or time travel.  Some of them will be super human strength or agility, or what have you.  However, some will hold such naturally bizarre powers that I honestly don't even have a name for them. 
For instance, when testing this piece, I was able to create a alien archetype that gave me the ability to sing in some foreign language and I don't mean foreign as in french.  It was even so much a language.  It was just singing.  The singing brought on a black hole that got bigger each time a sang a new note.  Eventually I was able to jump through the black hole and travel through a wormhole that dropped me off in some very unusual world where there were three moons, no sun, a sky full of very close stars, planets you could see off in the distance, and creatures that floated instead of walked.  They wore their brains in a tank on top of their heads, rather than it being attached to their body.  The glass tank, they told me was shatterproof.  When they wanted to learn something, there was Sphinx at the center of their planet in some subterranean world.  They simply went to the Sphinx, asked for whatever knowledge they wanted, and the Sphinx took their brain out of their glass tanks, stuck it in it's own head, and then when it was done uploading the information stuck it back.  I actually got to watch this being done.  It was a very awkward moment for me, but what is normal for us isn't necessarily that normal for anyone else.  In fact, they already knew that I was human when I got there, because the cordially greeting by calling me a human.  It was a strange experience.  
Either way, what I'm getting at is that there are thousands of alien archetypes and each one offers you a different power, ability, or experience.  This is definitely a unique piece with tons of character to it.  If you are one of those that always looked up the sky and wondered when the alien life forms were arriving, this is your piece.  I'll let you in on a little secret, too.  They've been here for years!!