Altar of the Immortals
Altar of the Immortals

Altar of the Immortals

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We found this item during an investigation in a cave on a set of islands called Bla Jungfrun.  It is an island off the coast of Sweden, that scientists say that ritualistic activities have been going on for nearly 9,000 years.  Scientific evidence confirms that artifacts related to rituals that were practiced by humans have been discovered on the Stone Aged islands.  This is not a first for locals, though.  According to the investigation we did, the locals have been telling tales of supernatural powers associated with the islands for decades.  
In fact, it was one such local that led us on a tour of the islands.  We had to be careful of when we did this, because the island is still under on-going scientific observation.  I don't think they'd think to highly of us just strolling in and having our own look around.  According to this local, who begged us not to reveal his identity for fear of retaliation, the witches have been meeting on the island for what he calls, "since the beginning of time."  
Each Easter a group of witches gather on the island to worship the devil himself.  Through our own investigation, we have determined that these witches are very sorority like and are loyal to nobody except for the people who are in their coven.  Their desire to summon and worship Satan comes from the fact that he is essentially an all knowing being.  This is because he was once the right hand man of God, who has created all.  Satan knew all of God's secrets and continues to know most of them.  Since God doesn't readily go around spewing his secrets to all, they decided to go to the next best source.  He was the one who would tell the secrets of God, because he wanted the secrets of enlightenment to be spread, albeit for sinister reasons.  The witches never cared.  They had no plans of joining Satan in the end times for a supposedly clash between good and evil.  They were just power hungry and they wanted as much power as they could possibly attain.  This is why they worshipped Satan as if he was their king-- all they wanted was his knowledge.  
The fact that they partook in these rituals gave them the stigma of being dark or evil, but in actuality they weren't.  Women use men for things on a daily basis, like money, fame, fortune, power, and security.  Is it really so different??  I don't think so.  The most interesting part of the investigation was when we taken to two caves.  Of course, we were doing this all by the light of the moon and very dull flashlights.  We didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves, considering we didn't even know if it was alright for us to be here.  The general consensus was that it would be frowned upon, so we snuck around like bandits.  Inside cave number one there were all kinds of marking and decorations.  There was an area of the cave that was used as a stage, where the witches would (and still do to this day) put on mini-productions.  These productions include rites and incantations that draw the devil to this place.  His presence is requested and he slithers in like the snake that tricked Eve to eat the fruit in the Garden of Eden.  
Once the snake has arrived, it is collected and taken to cave number two, which is where we found the piece we are offering you.  In cave number two there is an altar.  This altar was used for the purpose of giving offerings and sacrifices to many different Gods; but not on this night.  The snake that has wriggled into cave number one is taken to cave number two and is thereby sacrificed on the altar.  Being that the snake is inhabited by the very spirit of Satan himself, the soul form of Satan spills out of the snake once it is split in two for the sacrifice.  This all happens while the snake is alive.  The snake is then burnt and the soul of Satan takes a humanoid form.  The witches then take turns "doing the deed" with the god of the Underworld, allowing him to fill them with his seed.  This is how they have managed to obtain their immortality to become Immortal Witches.  It also gives them a source of undeniable wisdom, which was God's wisdom first.  This gives them the ability to no only be immortal, but to also create any power that they want.  
Since this ritual is such prolific occurrence, there is always overflows of power.  This overflow of power is placed into items that are given to lower-level initiates.  They are not allowed to take part in the ritual until they have performed a lengthy list of rites of passage.  Until then, they are given this piece so that way they are made to feel like they are part of the sorority of Immortal sister witches.  We found one of these pieces, hiding behind a rock in cave number two.  It was just by chance while we were exploring the cave for further evidence.  Although, looking back on the situation I'm not so sure it was coincidence.  Our guide did seem to know an awful lot about the witches.  Maybe he was in with them and that's why he didn't want us to take his name??  I have no clue and it doesn't really matter.  What does matter is we have this item that was obtained from the cave and altar.  
We have blasted this piece with white light-- and I mean blasted it.  We wanted to make sure that it had dual association, so that way whomever gets the piece can choose how they want to use it.  The magic in this piece is dual power.  It can go either way and it has no limitation on the way you can use it.  You can think of it as your direct connection to the Sorority of Bla Jungfrun.  This piece can be used by either a male or a female, as it does not discriminate based on gender.  This piece will give you full immortality that will begin when you start wearing it.  It will give you a shield from your adversaries to keep you safe from any malice that may be wished upon you.  It will return this malice to whomever it came from, ten fold.  You know, the whole "I'm rubber, you're glue" thing.  Lastly, but certain the least of all, is your ability create any power that you want.  This piece holds the direct lineage of God.  God created Lucifer with his own magic.  Lucifer has passed this onto others.  Thus, the power you are getting is held in the light ling of God, which is kind of like a blood line except God doesn't bleed.  The powers of the light line will be yours with this piece and you will be able to use it to create whatever powers you can think up on if your head.  All you need to do is think them and tell them to come to life.  The power will them be reinforced into the piece you are getting.  You can then use this piece to also access any and all powers that you decided to create.  This is a very promising piece of extreme power.
Keep in mind the piece you are getting is NOT ancient.  This piece is an antique by modern standards, but in terms of 9,000 years is really not that old.  It has been made by the witches that continue to meet on the islands year after year.