Egyptian Pyramid
Egyptian Pyramid

Egyptian Pyramid

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When it comes to Egyptian mythology, it can some times be a bit difficult to really to really understand what exactly is going on.  That is because many of the gods and goddesses are related, or they transform into other gods/goddesses, or they are killed and come back to life.  The brothers are marrying their sisters, there are brothers killing brothers, and sisters that are supposed to married to brothers that are helping their other sister.  Like I said, it tends to be rather confusing, so here it is for you plain and simple.  These are the three most important god/goddesses in Egyptian Culture.  They are Horus, Isis, an Osiris.  Together these three encompass the totality of Egyptian magic. 
Geb was the sky god.  Nut was the earth goddess.  They fell in love and had four children.  These four children were Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nepthys.  Osiris was the oldest, so naturally he became the king.  He was a good king, too.  He commanded the respect of all who lived on Earth and the gods who dwelled in the Netherworld.  As his queen, he took his sister Isis.   
In my own terms, Set was pretty much a hater.  He was very jealous of his brother and all the splendor and glory that he received.  This was because Set was somewhat of a pansy and couldn't garner respect from anybody.  Set did what made the most sense to him at the time and transformed himself into a nasty, vile, monstrous beast.  He used this disguise to kill Osiris, chopping him up into pieces and distributing them through the kingdom of Egypt.  
Set took his sister Nepthys as his own wife.  I really don't get what it was about their family and marrying their sisters, but that's what happened.  Nepthys knew of what Set had done, but decided that she was going to stay clammed up about it; that was until she saw her sister Isis weeping day in and day out.  Nepthys eventually felt bad for her sister and helped her to collect the pieces of her murdered husband.  When they had them all Isis breathed the breath of life into her husband.  They slept together one last time before Osiris descended into the Underworld and became lord of the domain.  
When Horus was an adult, he made case before the gods, telling them that he was the rightful heir to the throne.  Long story short, an epic battle between Set and his nephew Horus ensued.  At the end of it all, the gods ended up asking Osiris what his opinion was, which was of course to give his son the throne.  He explained to the gods that Set was only the kind because of a murder he had committed.  The gods sides with Osiris, but only after the sun and the stars (who were Osiris' allies) shut themselves down throwing Egypt into a state of total darkness.  His son then succeeded the throne of Egypt and all was well.  
Basically in telling you this, I want to make absolutely clear that there are three sides of Egyptian magic, as there is to all magic.  The dark magic, which comes form the Underworld.  The white magic, which comes from the all-giving mother goddess in this case.  Then, there is the dual magic, which is an offspring of the two.  This offspring is the most powerful of all three of these entities, because he literally knows all.  He has the white magic from his mother, the dark magic from his father and he's pretty much looking like a boss if you ask me.  That is why Horus has gone down in Egyptian history as being the most powerful God.  There are those that will disagree, but they don't know what they are talking about then.  
This ring was made for us by an Egyptian sorcerer.  It is no mistake that it has been made in the shape of a triangle.  This is because it represents the trinity of Egyptian powers.  You will gain all the knowledge of Osiris from the Underworld.  This will make you a lord over all dark magic.  There is no aspect of the magic you will not know or rule.  You can create any dark power or destroy and dark power.  The same goes with the white power.  You will gain the power of white magic and the ability to breathe white magic into existence, just as Isis did when she breathed life into her husband.  You will be able to create any white light spell, say it, and have it come true.  You can ask for any white light ability and it will be granted to you.  Then, you have Horus and he is in charge of it all.  You can use his knowledge to see all things.  He has seen all forms of magic and isn't afraid to grant them to a deserving person.  He holds control over white and dark magic.  He can create what he wants, destroy what he wants. say any spell that he wants, etc.  He can grant immortality.  He can assume any shape.  He can grant and take away life.  He can birth an entity that he wants to birth.  He is legitimately the governor of all magic.  This is the power you are getting when you wear this ring-- it's literally the ability to see through they Eye of Horus and to obtain his FULL set of powers, which is more or less everything.