Seeker of Souls
Seeker of Souls

Seeker of Souls

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This piece was made for us by Adita, one of the people we have out in the field.  She is constantly working as hard as we are to bring you the most rare and powerful pieces that you will experience.  This is one of them.  It comes from a report that she read online about a haunting that a group of children reported.   According to the report, the haunting injured one child and left one of the dead.  When questioned, the children could only tell the authorities that the haunt came from a woman who appeared as very beautiful, at first.  She was wearing a red mask, as in common in Asian countries during flu season.  
As the lady approached the children she pointed to one of them beckoning him to come closer.  The children say that her eyes sparkled as she ask the child if he thought she was beautiful.  Before he had a chance to answer, she ripped off her mask, revealing a gigantic mouth with razor sharp teeth and slits on either side of her mouth that extended to her ears.  The child screamed and told the lady she was hideous.  Bad mistake young one.  The child was disemboweled, prompting the other children to run for safety.  One of the children fell in her attempt to run away and was scratched up pretty badly.  
They say that as soon as the other child began to fight her off, it caught the attention of others who came to try and rescue her.  At this the ghoul vanished into thin air, in a puff of smoke.  When Adita saw this report, she exactly what was happening, despite the bewilderment that it seemed to convey upon the authorities.  Long story short, she visited the exact same place that the children had been assaulted.  Adita went alone, because she knew that was the only way that the spirit was going to show itself to her.  Sure enough as Adita came walking down the street, there was the lady in the red mask.  The lady batted her eyes at Adita, with her long flowing hair blowing in the breeze.  As the lady approached Adita readied herself for what was about to happen.  
The lady approached Adita and asked her, "Do you think I am beautiful?"  That's when the red mask came off and her ugly face and gnarled tongue was revealed.  Adita looked at her and replied, "I think you are average, almost normal looking."  The lady was confused.  Her eyes turned black and it looked as if she was about to scream with rage, because she knew she had been beaten.  Adita shoved her hands in her pockets and whipped out this piece, quickly said a conjuring spell and the spirit was funneled and trapped into the item.  She has been barred to this item ever since, forced to serve the people who own her.  
The spirit that Adita encountered is formally known as the Kuchisake Onna and many legends surround her existence.  They are just that, legends.  It is said that the lady in the red mask only hunts children but that is simply not true.  She will hunt down adults as readily as she will a toddler.  It doesn't matter, she is merely on the mission for souls.  That is because she is not merely some ghoul hanging out on the street corner and there are more than one of her kind. They are an ancient race of vampires, called Quintessents. These types of vampires feed off of souls like a sanguine would feed off of blood.  They will feed off anybody's soul to remain alive.  However, they specifically seek out those souls who they know hold powers.  This way when they eat the soul of the person they have caught off-guard, they also absorb the power of the soul they have eaten.  
With this piece, you will gain the presence of you own Quintessent.  You will gain the powers of the hundreds of souls that she has eaten so far.  There is no telling exactly what kind of powers she has, as she will only reveal those to the one who owns her, as she is required to with the spell she is under.  It comes with powers already in it that she will reveal to you when you become the owner of the piece.  What's more important is that with this piece you can begin your own collection of souls.  What I mean by this is, say you have met a very powerful person and you want their powers.  You can literally use this piece, with your Quintessent, to eat the powers of said person.  It's very simple.  You will use this power to eat the existing soul of the person with the powers.  Their soul will be replaced with a new one, and you will gain to the powers of that soul.  As a bonus your Quintessent will have been fed, making her stronger in her ability to eat more souls.   In using this piece, you can hunt down anyone with powers and make them your own!