Corporate Sybmolism; Every Magic Hidden in Plain Sight
Corporate Sybmolism; Every Magic Hidden in Plain Sight

Corporate Sybmolism; Every Magic Hidden in Plain Sight

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Take a look around you.  Our whole world revolves around brand-imaging.  I bet you can think of dozens of corporate logos off the top of your head, even down to your favorite clothing brand or shoe brand.  There was even a smart phone application developed that tests the user's ability to identify the logos of different corporations.  This was actually a beta test that was put up by the NWO as a way to see if people were catching on to their coding.  BY saying this, I pretty much put us elbows deep into what this whole description is about.
It was in 1611 when the first version of the King James Bible was first adopted as the official version of the Bible for England.  Before it was sent to King James' personal publishers though, it was sent off to Sir Francis Bacon for a year.  Why King James sent this transcript to Francis Bacon for a year is unknown as far as what any history book will ever tell you.
I find it more than just a little bit coincidental the Bacon had strong ties to the Rosicrucian Knights.  Some theories suggest that he even was a Rosicrucian Knight.  He was also reported to have connections to the Masonic Lodge.  Despite wearing a Holy Facade, he was more interested in magic than he ever was the word of God.  This is why when he gave the Bible back to King James, it was littered with different symbols and embedded with secret codes of magic.  King James was no saint in the matter either.  He knew well what he was doing.  In fact, he is the one that set it up this way.  To the average eye these symbols appeared to be decorations.  To the practiced magician, these symbols were much, much more.  They were gateways to magic and spells.  They could be used and manipulated in such ways that could produce any type of magic that they wanted.  The embedded spells that were written into the new version of the Bible only served to elaborate and strengthen the magic that was written on the exterior.  
Fast-forward to a society that doesn't necessarily value the Bible as much as they did in those times.  You also have a group of power and money crazed people called the NWO.  Their sole focus is to establish a one-world government in which they can use their magic to dominate the world in terms of monetary influence and power. This means that they need to establish a new way of hiding their symbols and their powers, in a way that can be easily communicated.  What makes more sense than corporate logos?  I mean, we live in a world that is run by capitalists who use their power and money to exploit everyone else.  This is because they wish to keep normal, average citizens under lock and key.  The leaders of these corporations who rule the world are mostly involved in the NWO anyhow, so they can design their symbolism as they choose.  
TO bring this full circle, we live in a society where brand-imaging is everything.  The logos that you see on a daily basis-- the Coke logo, the Kraft logo, all of Johnson and Johnson's logos, all of Procter and Gamble's logos, etc-- are laden with symbols that contain secret powers.  You wouldn't know this because it isn't discussed.  Give that consumerism is the way people make money, it makes perfect sense.  You show somebody a logo, not only are you conveying power and magic to those who are trained to see it, but to those who are not, you are programming their mind with subliminal messaging that says, "Yeah, my brand is the best."  It's a win-win situation.  
This piece was hand-made by the NWO and is for high-level initiates.  It contains a metaphysical codex that will give the person who wears it an awakening.  This awakening will allow you suddenly drop the veil to the magic that has been sitting in front of you for decades.  A new life will be given to you, in which you see things and actually understand.  You will be able to look at logos of the most common brands and see the symbols that are hidden within.  These symbols will literally give you just about any magic that you could ask for.  For instance, with this piece we were able to use a Coke can to bring wealth.  We were able to use a bottle of Tide for astral travel.  By simply looking a carton of Marlboro cigarettes, we were enlightened with a power that allowed us to travel to both Heaven and the Garden of Eden.  Fully psychic ability was given when using an Oreos carton.  The list goes on and on.  
You don't need to worry about "knowing" what the symbols are, because the awakening that you are going to undergo will allow you to just "know" when you see them.  You can use this piece to gain the knowledge of any power that you want, simply by snooping through the world around you.  A trip to the grocery store, or any other store for that matter, will suddenly become an adventure where an unlimited amount of power is just beyond the threshold of what you thought you understood.  You eyes will be opened an any and all powers that are hidden in the symbolism that engulfs your living.  Heck, you don't even have to leave the house if you don't want to.  Pick up your Jordan's or Reebok Cross trainers.  See if they don't give you a magic that gives you super human strength and speed.  The possibilities are endless and you will be amazed at what you find!