Trumpeting God's Warning
Trumpeting God's Warning

Trumpeting God's Warning

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This is a more current piece, as in it has come to us about a week ago.  It was made by one of our affiliates in the Pacific region.  He spends most of his time in the Hawaii area, as there are many unsolved mysteries on the islands, including a race of lost people.  That is for another time, though.  In the beginning of September, he rushed to Indonesia to witness and experience what is being called the happening of a lifetime.  
In early September, people in Jakarta began hearing a noise that is now being called one of the seven trumpets of God.  Despite the fact that government officials stages a country wide research initiative to discover where the sounds were coming from, they have come to absolutely no conclusions.  Of course, later this month there will probably be "answers" as to what this sound was exactly.  However, we all know how that goes.  The NWO or Illuminati will rush in under the guise of some research agency and debunk the "rumors" that the sounds were actually the trumpets of God.  Of course, there will be false explanations to placate the people and the realization of the hard times that we face as the populace of the world.  It has been promise by God, so it will come true.  
Meanwhile, there have been aftershocks of sounds that have been occurring in ultrasonic frequency.  These frequencies are too high to be heard by normal human ears.  These waves were sent on purpose, because they are messages to God's chosen prophets and only they can hear them.  These messages tell of the secrets regarding the end of times and what people will face during the Tribulation period that is also promised in the Bible.  
This piece has been made by our affiliate.  It has collected the energies of the ultrasonic frequencies that have been playing over and over again in Indonesia.  As a result when you use this piece, it gives you a high frequency spiritual cleansing and awakening.  It will give you the ability to hear the ultrasonic frequencies that have not only been resonating in Jakarta, but have found themselves traveling the entire world.  They are conveying God's truth and prophecy about what will happen.  
When you receive this awakening, what you will get is the ability to hear the voice of God.  This will not be in secret code or cryptic messages.  It is put in basic, common sense terms that each individual will understand.  It will be in your native tongue, whatever that may be because the awakening is curtailed to the individual who is experiencing it.  When you hear the voice of God, it is not only audible, but will give you visions.  Through these visions you will be able to travel through the words of Saint John when he wrote the Book of Revelations.  By this I mean to say that you will be able to experience the things that he has experienced.  You will be able to travel through these experiences as if they are actually happening.  You will see the Mystery Babylon.  You will see the Four Horseman.  You will experience what it will feel like to be Raptured.  You'll be given the secrets to the number 666 and the Beast and the Harlot that rides on the Beast in the desert.  You will be shown the war when the kings of the North and South attack mystery Babylon, which will be Russia and China encroaching upon America.  You will receive a fully understanding of exactly what is meant by the Book of Revelations, which has thus far been spoken in code.  Not with this piece, because God will actually take you there and give you the comprehension of exactly what it is he wishes to convey.  Alot of people see these messages of signs of gloom and doom, but as long as you are prepared, this is a message of joy, awakening, spiritual freedom, and free-range white magic for all.  You will know this, because you will get to experience the New Jerusalem as it falls to Earth.   There is not much that this piece will not entail, but then again, it comes directly from God the creator.  What is out of his realm of possibility?? That's right nothing!  This piece is the real deal!  Don't miss your chance!  
The item you get is a size 8, 10k gold ring with a genuince stone.  You can also wear is as a pendant on a chain!