Djinn Wars
Djinn Wars

Djinn Wars

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This next piece tells of a story that is posing a serious threat, especially in America.  It comes to us in the recent wake of devastating forest fires that are spreading across the nations like... well... a forest fire.  Really no metaphor needed there.  To date there have been 19,472 uncontrolled fires reported in American alone.  The deadliest of these fires has received national security interest and has been dubbed the Black Forest Blaze.  You may not realize it, but these fires mean more than what most people comprehend.  
To begin with, many of these fires have been started by terrorist sleeper cells and jihadist.  They are ways of fighting their holy war in America.  They hate America, Europe and Israel so bad that this is just another one of their slimy tactics to fighting innocent civilians.  Thus far, 38,000 people have been displaced in the Black Forest Blaze.  Two have died.  There are fires raging across the country including two others in Colorado, five in New Mexico, one in Idaho, and two each in California and Oregon.  There is no way to prove or disprove the involvement of sleeper cells in these fires, simply because all the evidence has been burned up because these fires are epic.  
Then, there is s spiritual and metaphysical elements that these fire starters play into.  It is safe to say that these jihadists are Muslim.  The very nature of Jihad signifies Islamic principles.  It's an Islamic word.  Islam follows the Quran.  The Quran is laden with what type of supernatural entities??  If you said djinn, you are the winner.  Djinn are born of what?  That's right, fire!! Ding, ding, ding! Ideally, it is smokeless fire, but in these ages any fire will do.  There is plenty of smoke to accompany these fires, but it is the presence of the fire that is important.  These sleeper cells of slime buckets have been using the metaphysical properties of fire to create an army of djinn that they are planning on using in a massive takeover of the United States to make in an Islamic State.
Just what do djinn have to do with a takeover of the United States??  When you birth, or merely own, a djinn it becomes your supernatural slave.  It must do whatever you say, because you are the master.  It's just the nature of the beast.  Thus, they plan on using these djinn to possess the bodies of political leaders.  These leaders will then create a multitude of pro-Islamic State laws and ordinances.  It has already begun.  America will be receiving tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, who are widely and mostly Islamic.  They are already crossing the borders in Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg.  The ironic part is that they go into these places, openly and publicly denouncing the very governments that are helping them out.  The same thing is going to go on in America.  And how can we say no?  Wouldn't that be politically incorrect?  Of course it would.  How can we not grant asylum to those people who are merely seeking to better their lives.  I tell you now, it is all a ply to takeover the country which we all, as United States citizens have worked so hard to build!  We are on the brink of sabotage.  
Now, one would logically argue that if one of these djinn would just so happen to fall into the hands of anti-jihadists, couldn't they just wish is all away.  Well, they could.  However, then you have the factor that there are others with djinn who can just wish it back again.  You know they wish, "I wish my djinn was more powerful than yours."  Then the next guy comes along and wishes, "I wish my djinn was even more powerful than the djinn that just become more powerful than that guy's djinn."  This is happening right now, actually.  There is this whole metaphysical battle going on.  You probably wouldn't notice it, because only those who are magically adept would realize this.  So, there are all these very powerful djinn right now, existing in the metaphysical eco-sphere that coexists in a realm alongside what you see and recognize the mortal realms.  
I want to be clear.  This piece have NOT been made by Islamic terrorists. We wouldn't sell that crap on our website.  Rather, this piece has been made by us!  How, you ask?  Well, like I said, these djinn are littering the metaphysical realms right now and they are very, very powerful.  We learned about this a while ago and just recently conjured one of these djinn.  This djinn is above average power and has grown to full blown Blue Ifrit status.  This means that he is capable of granting any wish that you choose to wish.  All you have to do wear the piece and ask the djinn for whatever wish you want.  His name is Azimuth and that is how you will address him.  There are no special rituals you have to do with this piece.  Wear it for seven days and the power will come to you.  You can ask for what you want in the form of a prayer or incantation that you will write.  Either way, this piece is powerful and will grant whatever you want.  
The item you are getting is a gold-toned ring with a clear stone.  It is a size 10.5