Nephilim's Return
Nephilim's Return

Nephilim's Return

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This is a ground breaking piece that we have collected during an investigation in Arizona.  It comes from a place where peoples, including the Apache Indians and other indigenous tribes of America, have long known to be a portal between this world and multi-dimensional realms.  Fast-forward to present day and you will find an observatory that has been located on what is now called Mount Graham.  It seems all too appropriate that this observatory would be own by the Catholic Church. 
To be honest, it comes as no surprise that the Catholic Church owns this observatory and has been undergoing secret operations at this location.  Supposedly, the observatory is used for nothing more than watching the stars in they sky.  Of course, we all know this is false.  The Catholic Church has been hiding its covert operations ever since its formation in ancient times.  By using the portal that exists at Mt. Graham, the Catholics have been able to collect quite an impressive army of fallen angels.   These angels, called Nephilim, each exhibit some type of special power and the thing is that these powers are often times unparalleled in terms of their magnitude.  This is because the powers have been given to these angels directly by God.  Who can challenge or question the authority of God?  Not a single entity.  Therefore, these powers are of unquestioned strength and magnitude.  
The Nephilim have been using this portal, among others, to enter Earth since the beginning of time.  There are a total of four re-entry points for these fallen angels, however Mt. Graham is always considered to be the one that is the most spiritually active and has been called the holiest place on Earth.  It even rivals the holiness of Mt. Ararat, which we all know is where Noah's Ark finally came to rest after the great flood.  
During our investigation, which took place a few years ago, we were able to collect some of this energy and contain it to this vessel.  The reason we haven't offered or listed this piece so far is due simply to the amount of power that this piece exhibits.  It can be a lot for one person to handle, not in terms of the powers is too much, but rather if the power falls into the hands of somebody who is not responsible, it could go completely awry.  This is because this piece allows you to open a portal and spirit re-entry point.  It will allow you to see through this portal and the fallen angels that are waiting to get into Earth.  You can search through these angels like you were searching through an index.  When you find an angel with whatever power it is that you are searching for, then you will be able to pull that particular angel through.  It will automatically be bonded to you vessel and you can use this angel, as in you can summon it for its powers. 
You can use this piece to see through the portal as many times as you'd like.  You can pull through as many angels as you want.  Therefore, you can keep building your arsenal of power, because I guarantee that whatever powers you want to obtain, there's an angel for that.  Well, aNephilim at least.  The nice thing about these Nephilim is that they are angelic in nature, so when you collect them they will also act as an agent for protection.  It will give you a white light shield that won't let good out and won't let bad in.  This piece displays epic power (any that you want) and staunch protection.  There is no reason why you wouldn't want to make it yours.  
The ring you are getting is a silver-wire wrap with a clear stone