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I received this piece from Emir, the beast from the Middle East. He is always down for a magical, mystical adventure. So, I when I called him and told him I wanted him to visit the Gaza Strip in search of ancient Palestinian magic, he had no issues whatsoever.

The piece that Emir was able to find for me, is an artifact that had once belonged to the Mandeans. The Mandeans? They are a Palestinian Gnostic sect dating from the first to second century CE that views the physical world as the anithesis of the spirit and the our souls as being the very essence of life.

Additionally, they believe in a cosmology that includes a strong emphasis on the duality of the powers of light and darkness. They are the entrusted keepers of the forces, commissioned by God himself to keep a balance of god and evil in the world, for the sake of preservation of the very essence of good and how it is defined.

This piece encompasses and embraces the very magic and mystical powers exhibited by the ancient Mandeans, as handed down to them by God himself . With this piece you receiving several things. First you will receive the power and knowledge of the holy abode of light and life, giving you all of the secrets and knowledge there are to know about good magic. On the flip side, you will also receive the knowledge and all the powers associated with the abode of eternal night and its dark magic. You will be given the secrets of the twelve and seven mysteries of the ancient Mandean scriptures. This will allow you to achieve maximum spirituality, allowing you to see angels, demons and everything in between.

Steve please note to the buyers that the full power has been transfered and the actual item is in my possession. Also note that we are all going to be at Paladium on the 23rd. You can bring a guest and please be ready to shake the booty! Please correct and add to the website. THE PIECE IS STERLING TOO.