Cup of Babalon and the City of the Pyramids
Cup of Babalon and the City of the Pyramids

Cup of Babalon and the City of the Pyramids

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Cup of Babalon and the City of the Pyramids

This piece is a piece that I acquired personally, so I know it will work and that it will work good. Let me just begin by reassuring the reader that I associate, in no way, under any pretense, with Thelema. What's Thelema? It is a new-age religious philosophy that was developed in the early 20th, by a man named Aleister Crowley. Crowley, while on a visit to Egypt, received a divine vision from a being, identifying himself simply as, Aiwass.

Aiwass, being an ancient spiritual messenger was able to alter Crowley’s spiritual perception as a means of bestowing upon him divine wisdom and prophecy. The ultimate goal of Thelemites, as followers of the Thelema philosophy are known, is to seek out their own true will instead of their egos desires. This is done via a ritualistic ceremony that includes drinking your own blood from a cup that is half full of Thelemic Holy

I took part in this ceremony, not because I am crazy and I enjoy cutting myself (which by the way, Haunted Curiosities condones in no way shape of form), but because I am big supporter of the philosophy, “don’t knock it till you try it.” So... I tried it.

Now, the procedure is actually very involved, but here are the basics:

(1.) You drain your blood, representing your ego, into a cup that is already partially filled with the Water of Universal Life.

(2.) You die. Then, you are turned into a little pile of dust. Not literally, of course, as this would be suicide, and if I had taken part in THAT ritual I would be able to be telling you this story. More or less, the death is a metaphor that describes one’s passing from their previous state of awareness, into an ultra-high state of perception, that will allow communication with angels from another realm.

(3.) You, as a tiny pile of dust, are remitted entrance through the Abyss by the angels that guard it, because it contains no life (previous ego). Comparatively speaking, this is symbolic of the veil that will be dropped from your brain’s perception, whereupon, your understanding of the previous world will be entirely dropped and altered.

(4.) You are reborn as nemo-- Latin for no man-- in the Womb of the goddess Babalon (the Cup of Babalon). Once you are fully developed, you will be released into the City of the Pyramids, where you will gain uncommon intellect. This state of altered and heightened perception is known as the City of the Pyramids, with the magic making all of this necessary stemming from the great pyramids themselves. Remember, Crowley did become a Thelemic visionary in Egypt, where the pyramids were near.

Now, remember, I took part in this ceremony. And I have to hand to these Thelemites, whatever they are putting in their Water of Universal Life is some good shit, because it works to the fullest extent. After I was done partaking in their ritualistic ceremony, which nothing more than an advanced spiritual cleansing and fine tuning, my chakras were in line and my vision was 100% crystal clear. I was able to see into Heaven and obtain the secrets of the Angels. I was able to identify the Nephilim and fallen angels, as a means of obtaining their magic. I could see demons and monstrous entities, which I was certain to steer clear of. Basically, I was transposed into the City of the Pyramids using the magic of the goddess Babylon that is derived from the Pyramids in Giza.

I was able to channel all of my new found energy and abilities into the piece that you see above. I would recommend just using the piece, because when you partake in the ceremony, you feel drugged for a few days and wake up with a massive headache, worse than any hangover you have ever experiences, rest assures. Like I was saying this piece embodies all of the powers that I was able to obtain by entering the City of the Pyramids, and will work, as I am living, breathing proof of it. This isn’t something to toy around with and it only for the strong of mind, because you WILL see some stuff that might not necessarily suit your fancy; however, the benefits outweigh the negative consequences and when you begin being able to communicate with angels, the Nephilim, and relative who have passed, it’s actually pretty nifty!!