Point Lookout Lighthouse/F

Point Lookout Lighthouse/F

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Point Lookout Lighthouse/F*

Ann Davis was the wife of the very first lighthouse keeper of Point Lookout Lighthouse in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Her husband died shortly after he took the post, so Ann remained as the keeper for the next 30 years. Ann was known for maintaining clean and well-kept grounds.

The lighthouse is located by the crossing paths of the Potomac River and and the Chesapeake Bay --- it is a desired location for vacationers who enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, camping and ghost-hunting! Ann's spirit has been seen in and around the lighthouse for years. She is dressed in a long blue skirt and a white blouse and normally is seen at the top of the stairs that lead to the lantern room.

We all needed a day of rest after testing a variety of new items and I suggested that we take a day trip to Maryland to go to the beach. Deedee and Lindy were excited to have a relaxing day and we hit the road running!

On our way I was telling Deedee about stories I have heard from friends who have vacationed in St. Mary's County --- and the sightings at the lighthouse, so long and behold we detoured from our original destination and headed for Point Lookout Lighthouse.

Even though we were going to investigate the drive allowed me time to relax --- when we finally got into town we started researching the history of the area. We talked to a few local civilians and gathered stories and insight about the lighthouse and Mrs. Davis.

We went on a tour of the lighthouse and were able to climb up to the lantern room; it was beautiful. We all had a feeling of being watched and could sense the presence of a spirit, but we couldn't do much investigating while we were with the group... so we decided to come back at dusk and explore.

The lighthouse was locked up and of course we didn't break in, although we tried... well I did a little, anyway but we did see a glowing spirit at the windows of the lantern room. Lindy had binoculars in the car and we took turns checking out the vivid image. It was a woman dressed in a blue skirt and white top, just like we had been told --- it was Mrs. Davis.

All of a sudden while we were looking up at her, the light beam came down upon us and scared us half to death. We all jumped, and that quick the light shown out upon the water again. We decided to spend the night and go back to explore the inside again the next day.

When we climbed to the top again we noticed that the top stair was very loose. I was the last one climbing and when I saw the person in front of me step on the step it raised up on the one end and I saw something shining below. While everyone else was listening to the details from the tourguide, I had Lindy and Deedee block me so I could retrieve the item I saw.

I pulled up on the wooden step and found a visionary piece that I was able to grab and quickly put it in my pocket and then joined the rest of the tour group. Since we were there the day before I didn't pay attention and couldn't get my mind off the piece I had in my pocket.

I could feel a jolting in my pants, this thing held power. As soon as the tour was over and you were allowed to look around, Deedee, Lindy and I left and ran off to the car. I showed them the piece and we knew it was special.

The piece was given to Mr. Davis by Ann when he got the post to be the first lighthouse keeper. It was to be used to warn any travelers of the waterways if it was unsafe to port at their location. The blue piece would get put in front of the light beam to shadow an intense, illuminated vision of color to indicate an unsafe time.

After Mr. Davis died, Ann was less apathetic of others and decided not to use the piece herself... she pulled up the board of the step and placed it under to remain as a timepiece of her husbands honor as the first official keeper.

We learned all this from a seance we performed and I kind of felt bad that I took the piece. We believe that the chain is all sterling silver and the blue notifier is simply gorgeous. This piece was never used to warn any ships in the short time that Mr. Davis was the keeper so it is ready to warn off evil entities for you.

Mr. Davis encaptured his new found career and wanted to protect travelers, since he didn't get the chance before his death he remains in this piece to allow you to be guided in life and protect you from bad decisions.

Once you bond with this piece you will be enabled to gain protection from dark forces that will try to steer you to make bad choices and go down the wrong path. This piece is very powerful and Mr. Davis will become your life coach helping you realize that the simplest decision will cause a chain reaction to occur that will transpose your identity and life.

Allow the power of support and encouragement to be yours and follow the guidance to a life of desirement, happiness and purification!