Ghosts of the Queen Mary

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Ghosts of the Queen Mary/F*

The Queen Mary was a luxury liner that got converted into a troop vessel to be used in the war. It was a noted success ship and even after colliding, in choppy water, with the Curacoa ship the Queen Mary only suffered minor damage and no crew members from her ship were harmed.

The Queen Mary served without any issues for the remainder of the war. Following Germany's surrender the ship was used to carry American troops and GI war brides to the U.S.A. and Canada, the Queen Mary was then returned to England where she was converted back into a luxury liner.

The ship was a preferred traveling vessel of the rich and famous. The people knew of the strength of the ship and the collision that it empowered years prior with the Curacoa. They felt safe on board the ship, thinking they were protected by the strong bow and luxury that surrounded them.

Little did the passengers know when they were back to enjoying the cruise ship that there were several deaths that had been brushed under the rug. In 1966, John Pedder, an engine room worker, was crushed to death when an automatic door closed on him. Back during the war when the ship was used for troop transport, a brawl broke out in one of the galleys and one of the chefs was shoved into a hot oven, where he was burned to death. A woman also is noted to have drowned in the swimming pool and several passengers had fallen overboard.

The ship is noted to be haunted... and these deaths explain it! My grandparents were on this ship in the 60's and recall vividly the eerie feeling when you were walking on the deck and noises being heard all night of slamming doors and screaming. At the time they simply took it as being sea sick and having rude neighbors in the cabins near them, but my grandmas good friend, Betty who was along on the cruise talked for years afterward about the trip; she couldn't let go of the feelings and awful thoughts in her mind.

She has since passed away and my grandma received a few items from Betty in her will, one thing was a jewelry box filled with a variety of costume jewelry. The pieces are gorgeous and Betty wore a lot of them on the cruise she remembered so well.

I was over at my grandparents place a few months back and saw the pieces that were given to my grandmother. As soon as my grandma opened the jewelry box I could feel incredible energy soaring in the air; this was the energy of spirits. I questioned my grandparents more about the cruise and the things that had happened while they were travelling?

I soon learned that they were on the final voyage of the Queen Mary, it was a 39-day journey from England to Long Beach, California. Airplane travel became faster and cheaper in the 60's so more and more people were going to other places for their vacations instead of cruising; the Queen Mary sailed her last voyage and then was permanently docked in Long Beach where the cruise had ended.

I believe that since the ship was no longer going to cruise the waters the spirits felt they were going to lose their place to roam and attached themselves into passengers items. Spirits will not typically inhabit a body because once someone is noted as being different the person will be given drugs and or medications and the spirit will be forced out of the body anyway. The entrapment inside of a piece of jewelry will enable them to live on and help others through their deaths.

I told my grandparents about the pieces having energies, and although they thought I was crazy I asked if I could have the pieces to test them. We found that I was correct :-) The costume jewelry holds many different spirits of those who have died at sea upon the Queen Mary. Not many people knew of the tragic deaths because the majority of all who died were workers and their deaths were not made public to keep the rich and famous using the cruise ship.

After testing the items we have found they all hold purity of the sea and embody powers of the ghosts who worked hard their whole lives. One piece in particular holds the spirit of William Stark who died after drinking lime juice that was mixed with cleaning solution, which he mistook for gin. He was poisoned and lapsed into a coma and died in 1949. His spirit has roamed the ship ever since and he darted into Bettys one broach when she was packing up her items to leave the cruise liner. The piece that William inhabits will bring you protection and alertness; you will gain understanding of your surroudings and he will help calm your mind and ease your stress. We all do crazy things when we are stressed, without even thinking! He will help keep you relaxed and allow you to have a solid, good head on your shoulders. This piece is an amazing attribute for someone who is ditzy, always losing things or constantly is on the go and carries a lot of responsibility and stress~!

Each piece in this lot holds inviting abilities of the blue collar class that will be heightened to assist you in succeeding in life. All the pieces are gorgeous and very powerful --- if you need help with a specific area let us know and we will see which piece holds the best fit for you! The inhabited pieces hold skills, trades and extreme knowledge from the spirits within... members of the testing group got great results with new found abilities!