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What I like about this piece is that it is a true Alien piece of technology. I have had this for sometime and it is made of what I believe to be Sterling but I'm not sure at all. I was given information on the strange lights of Brown Mountain North Carolina. I was also told about about a man named Ralph Lael. I never met him but did meet one of his relatives that I thought for sure was a little kicked in the head. Not a waterhead or anything like that but maybe just missing a link or two. What I learned a long time ago was not to discount these people that could be inbred  but to listen. The reason for this is when I met a man that told  me he had been abuducted and yet acted funny. Getting to the bottom of his story was a little hard until I realized that he had not only been traumatized by an aggressive alien race but also by our own government.<br /><br />

Things like this are not hard to believe. Think about all the corruption that goes on in our local government alone! Look at the police that are now covering up a murder and calling it a suicide with the lady that was found hanging. The boyfriend gives tons of money to police and so it is covered up. You may have heard about this,she was found hanging and yet tied to where it would have been impossible for her to kill herself. The man will get away with murder or it will be pinned on some poor person who can't afford to get good legal council. What about JFK, Bohemian Grove, radiated milk,black men being given syphilis,does it ever stop? Now lets add the alien and UFO cover up to the list. Does it now seem impossible? What if that doesn't do it for you? Does the fact that we are but one solar system and there are many more yet to be explored. Why have we pulled the plug on NASA? You know that's just not true. Do you think for a minute that we really did? Nah. We didn't,trust me. We just don't know about it. Do you believe in the Philiadelphia experiment or was it all disinformation,Montauk anyone? Chips in your ass,they are in your  pets... Golf War Syndrome,are you a believer?<br /><br />


Something is out there and many are finding it.  If it was all a lie,why is everyone saying the same thing? Why does the story not change except for type of alien and if aggressive or not?  I remember when I was out in Arizona looking for something I was told about out in the desert. My grandfather had first looked for this and never found it. Now he was a very intelligent man. He spoke 14 languages fluently,was in the Navy and later worked for Duponts. He was in the chemical division. In his spare time he took me to Indian reservations,hunting fossils and teaching me Japanese,German and anything else he could. I think I'm one of the very very American White people that can speak Bengali. When not doing that he did mining for gemstones. I have some of the rarest Emeralds,Rubies and Sapphires around along with what is now know as those terrible blood diamonds.  People get me,do they really know what a Blood Diamond even is? This is where people forget to do research. But that doesn't matter. What matters is what almost happened to me. This was long before I met the Alien from Pa.  This was yesrs ago and I had an old mad and took into consideration the earth changes and movement. These things are why treasure is so hard to find,Earth Shifts. Everything moves. While out there I saw my first UFO. Then I saw it land. <br /><br />

It took a long time for me to realize that I could be made out to be a nut. I called the police after seeing a real UFO and then a real ALIEN! The alien looked just like you and I. I was all alone and some might say I had heat stroke or lacked water but I didn't. I know this because I was naked and had plenty of water. Where I was no one could see me. Although I did not count on the fact that Arizona has these mean creatures called Badgers and I was going here big kitty,kitty,not the best of ideas. A nice farmer came along and gasped at the sight of me naked ( who wouldn't dahling!) and then told me that these badgers would tear out my throat. He shot him,I was mad but he seemed sincere so maybe he was telling the truth. My boyfriend at the time if you want to call him that refused to go with me. Most men just keep refusing me anyway when it comes to adventure. They say they want it but when it is there for the taking they turn it down. You only live once so why not die doing something exciting?<br /><br />

Getting lost in my typing again and wondering if that little Penis in his pants guy will post on the forum about my waterhead comment? I loved that comment,I think FloridaGirl made it but I'm not sure,either way I nearly peed my pants. Oh, wait it was little lump in his pants guy,OMG I cracked up!<br /><br />


Anyway in Ralph's shop was what was called the space mummy. This ended up vanshing mysteriously. The space alien was the real deal. To get to the bottom line here this is from a real alien called a Venusian and I hope that I spelled that right. This piece can stop and start time,prevent the ending of the Earth through mass destruction and the splitting of the electron. There is also a planet called Pewam that humans used to be on before Earth. This is all according to the Venusians. I do not know what this piece is made of only that the aliens are peaceful and that the government knows about them.  Our government does not like them and prefers the company of the Grays. The government has been inside the mountain where inside the walls are made of pure crystal and the Venusians have a base. Inside are also spaceships that they use to patrol Earth and watch for aliens that are not so nice and have a very bad agenda.<br /><br />

This piece will take you forward and backward into time,allow communication with the Venusians,create a star map that you can see at night while outside,in order to do this you must wear the piece. You will most likely meet with an alien who will look human to you. These are peaceful aliens and they will give you telepathic and full third eye ability because that is how they communicate among themselves.  I have more info and if you want it just ask,I'm just tired of typing right now.