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Silver Urn of Luck/F*

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced a lucky streak where everything simply seems to be going their way. Many people take for granted the alignment of the universe that is bringing enrichment to their life --- the luck soon dissapates and things start to go down hill. People will then try very hard to bring back the luck in which they once had ~ they believe that it will return and that they are simply in a rut. We have an amazing ointment that will bestow luck back into your life. When you place a small dab of oil on your wrists and behind each ear you will feel tingling in your body that will let you know that your body is requesting the alignment of planets to reconfigure your circumstances!

This precious oil was retrieved from a buried silver container that was located in the Holy of Holies. Raviniska retrieved this container when she was excavating; she was searching for answers to mysterious ancient relics and knew she found something intriguing when she located this almost urn like container. It has taken several days to figure out how to even open the container; we almost came to the conclusion that it wasn't meant to be opened, but Lindy was determined and the piece finally released its seal. Inside was this alluring oil that held a nice scent. The oil is very old and is believed to have been placed in the container by an angelic host.

This find brought upon blessings to those who have endured the oil and we are excited for you to be able to partake in this limited purity ointment! This is a one time supply that will go fast. You will receive a small amount that can be used to bring blessings of luck into your life. This will showcase the angelic powers to align your spirit with the universe and grant you amazing endowment!