Sorcerers Implemation of the Phoenix/F*

Sorcerers Implemation of the Phoenix/F*

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Sorcerers Implemation of the Phoenix/F*

Kertizaou is a Sorcerer who lives in the mystical realm of Cristimine. He is a wizard who holds ultimate powers over the creatures of the land. His magic is unbelievable and he can showcase his presence between realms.

Kertizaou has populated several dimesions with magical Phoenix's that can bring powers of re-birth to those who entrap them. These firebirds will ultimately ignite forces that can help transform your past lives to the present to bring about new abilities an talents to your present life. Many people question where ceratin thoughts or connections are made and the Phoenix knows that you are having relapses into your previous lives. A piece of your spirit will continue on into a new birthed body, showcasing strength and understanding to build a new life on Earth.

Your soul will continue on to your afterlife, however a small piece of your spirit, known as your viltoy, embodies a pregnant woman and will be birthed as a signifier of your ended life into her new child. We have retrieved a piece that holds the eye of the Phoenix and it will embrace the awakening of the viltoys that are inside your spirit. You will be able to understand and embrace the life of the past person who evoked you while you were still in the womb. The continuance of the lives will continue on including you once your life ends.

Grasping the rationals of the spirit pieces that continue on will help you understand some of the talents and abilities in which you hold ~!

This piece is very interesting and will intrigue much knowledge of creation and grant you powers of enrichment and guidance for your own life as well as for those who surround your life!