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Tears of a Hell Hound

The following pieces were discovered by DeeDee and I ourselves. We found the pieces in a graveyard in New Jersey that are inhabited by hellhounds. Hellhounds are creatures that are commissioned to guard the spirits of dead . A lot of folks associate these wolfe-type creatures with dark magic. However, this is not true and we have proof. If you don't believe in these creatures at all, I will appeal to you to change your opinion, because you are going to miss out on some of the most power magic I have experience so far.

Like I've said, DeeDee and I snuck into a graveyard in Jersey. We eluded the sight of the hellhounds and the guards, and were actually able to witness the initiation rite of a spirit that had just been buried previous that day. It is customary for hellhounds to weep for new spirits that arrive under their domain. Accordingy, the hellhounds were weeping for this spirit. Their weeping was espcially fierce this time, as it was the spirit of a seven-year-old child. Anyway, the hellhounds cried moonstone tears, which are enchanted with a very powerful magic. We were able to collect some of these moonstones.

With these moonstone, the possessor unlock the most powerful pschic abilities ever. You see, when you die, you are given all the gifts and abilities that you have ever aspired to exhibit. Basically when you die, you are turned into a God, because you were created in God's image. Hellhounds are the guardian of these spiritual gods, and thus, will pass onto you, the powers exhibited by such spiritual gods via the tears that they shed for them. You will receive one of the pieces you see above.