Pahana and the 4 Arms of Destiny/F*

Pahana and the 4 Arms of Destiny/F*

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Pahana and the 4 Arms of Destiny/F*

The 4 arms of destiny relate to the direction of prehistoric migrations of the swastika tribes. The complete formed pattern seen by the migrations formed a great cross whose center, Tuwanasavi, lay in what is now the Hopi country; located in the southwestern part of the United States, and whose arms extend to four directional posts.

In early times, at the start of the Fourth World, one Hopi clan after another began great migrations to the four directions represented by the venerable symbol of the swastika. It is believed that the Hopi migrated from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast and from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego, although the range may actually be narrower. Certainly the Anasazi traveled from the Colorado River to the Rio Grande, and from the San Juan River south to the lands of the Toltecs in Mexico and the Maya in Central America. Macaw and parrot feathers or even whole birds have been found in burial sites around the Colorado Plateau. This indicates that the Anasazi had well established trade routes to the south.

Regardless of what the farthest limits of actual migration were, the point where the four arms of the geo-morphic swastika meet is known as the Center of the World.

At the center of the world you will be able to locate Pahana. Pahana will verify his authenticity by bearing a stone piece that will match up with the rest of the sacred tablet that the Creator had given the Hopi before they began their migrations. Two helpers will accompany Pahana, one of which carries a masculine swastika representing purity as well as the four directions. The first helper also brings a Maltese cross with lines between the arms, this signifies menstrual blood, while the second helper merely holds a sun symbol. The combined forces of these three icons will “shake the world” and bring about global purification.

You will be able to help control the outlook of the world through astral connection; thus being able to unite the understanding of the 4 arms of destiny. Your involvement will begin once you are bonded with this rare piece. This item will bring you ultimate power that will enable control over the past endearments of the Hopi clans. You will be trusted to visit the Center of the World and meet Pahana and his helpers --- this is a trip you will not soon forget!

Our testers still talk about the visions and teachings that came to them while bonding with this piece. You become a member of secret rituals and will learn amazing feats that can help protect the world from being embodied with killer ants and a roaring flood that will vanish the population. This is a piece is for someone who is ready to be empowered and is able to take on the responsibility of controlling the posts of the 4 arms, keeping rituals maintained and cleansed --- you will be the adventeer that holds the key to global purification.

Become one with Pahana and understand the divine destiny that awaits you ~