True Shamanistic Shape-Shifter: Defying your Carnal Odds

True Shamanistic Shape-Shifter: Defying your Carnal Odds

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This item was acquired during an investigation in Virginia that we went on a while ago. It has taken us a little while to perfect this item, which is why it is only going on now. This piece is the prize when it comes to wanting/needing to shape-shift, or transmogrify your being-- which is what it is technically known as. There are many different types of transmogrification that one can undergo from involuntary shape-shifting, such as is understood in common werewolf lore. There are those such as mortal witches who have mastered the concept of live-blooded shape-shifting, meaning that they can shape-shift into any animal they can currently draw power from- commonly cats, dogs, wolves, ravens, etc. Then, there are those that take the prize-- the Hopi Native Americans.

First of all, let me tell you there are no other people in tune with our Earth and its energies like the Native Americans. There are none that hold the mystique and ability like the Hopi's do. They received their powers from distant entities from a band of stars called the Orion belt. It is the same race of that has influenced the Egyptians to build there magical star portals-- the three Great Pyramids of Giza- aligned perfectly to the belt of Orion. These same beings visited the Hopi Indians in ancient times, giving them powers and divinations which were otherwise unknown to the human mind.

This piece is an orb of energy that will allow you the ability of meditative transmogrification. I know this sounds complicated, but allow me to explain. There are lots of people that mastered this feat with success. They can shape-shift into those things in their immediate realm of energy. The ability that I'm offering you is a rare opportunity and usually hard to accomplish with the sole power of the human mind. However, this piece was given to us by a Hopi Shaman, who vested all the powers of Meditative Transmogrification into.

Using this piece, which holds the secrets of the ancients and the Orion Race, you can transmogrify into anything that you mind can fathom. You simply meditate with this piece. Allow the powers and energies to absorb into your body and concentrate really hard on the vessel whose form you want take. The energies in this piece will begin to take full effect and you will begin to feel the limits of your incarnation shift, freeing your soul, allowing you to take whatever form you fancy!

This piece is a prime piece in any person's collection, because in holds no inhibition. There are no limits, other than your mind. If you can dream the creature up, you can become it. To me, that is sheer power of defying the mortal odds of your carnal being.