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This necklace belonged to Margherita De Luca, who was a well-known psychic. DeeDee has psychic abilities, but even found enlightenment from this piece.

DeeDee met Margherita, on a trip to Italy, and they instantly had a connection. Margherita grew ill over the past few years and died in 2008. This necklace was in an envelope addressed to DeeDee and so she received it in the mail with a note that said Margherita had passed on, and that this piece was prepared to be sent to her.

DeeDee knew that Margherita wanted her abilities to be passed on to someone living who would be able to help others through their Clairvoyance - since DeeDee already has sensitivity she is providing the opportunity for someone else to discover the ability to become psychically gifted.

You will be granted enlightened vision when you adorn or hold this piece in your hands --- you need to have it with you for at least 15 days before Margherita's abilities will be showcased to you; her spirit needs to trust that you will use the ability for good!