Great Sage, Equal of Heaven
Great Sage, Equal of Heaven
Great Sage, Equal of Heaven

Great Sage, Equal of Heaven

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To everyone reading this listing.  We have a bunch of products like this one.  This is an item that may have seen on the website before.  For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research.  All of these items work superbly.  Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing.  Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing.  Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!

Adita scored this piece for us, during the celebration of a deity known as the Monkey God.  The Temple is located in Hong Kong, in the downtown district, and attracts scores of people, especially during the celebration of the Monkey God during the Full Moon of April. 

The Monkey God is a very important part of the Chinese Zodiac, as he holds magic that was given to him, as well as the magic he was just born into when he was born of the Goddess Nuwa. When the Goddess was creating the world, she left behind a rock.  This rock was much like a sorcerer's stone, in that is held all of the magic and power that was necessary for the goddess to create the world. It was from this rock that the Monkey God was born.  When the magic from natural elements such as the sun, wind, and thunder combined with the magic in the stone, he was born. 

After growing bored of his home in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, the Monkey God went in search of a teacher who imparted him with magic and advanced supernatural skills.  He helped the entity known as the Monkey God unlock the powers he had received when he was born of the Goddess Nuwa's stone.  It is a very potent form of sorcery and alchemy.  The Monkey God became famous for the 72 transformations, in which he was found capable of being able to transform into 72 different types of carnal forms. With that being said, his magic dictates that he could transform into anything he wanted.  He merely chose 72 beings to impostor. 

With his new found powers and ability, the Monkey God took to the realm of the gods known as the Dragon Kings of the Ocean.  Here he took a staff that was created by the ancient Chinese Emperor Da Yu that was used to control flood waters.  Although the Monkey God, being the God of tricks and pranks, created much havoc, the Jade Emperor looked on the monkey God with a benevolent attitude, where by he honored the Monkey God by giving him a spot in the stars and control over 1/12 of the Celestial Powers.  The Monkey God found this insufficient, eventually renaming himself, "Great Sage, Equal of Heaven." 

While in the heavens, the Monkey God created one more bit of havoc.  He did during the longevity peach party.  This party occurs only once every several thousand years.  The gods then eat the peaches which bestow longevity and immortality upon them.  Pissed off that he wasn't invited, the Monkey God stole the peaches and ate them all.  The Jade empower retaliated by sending warriors to capture him and cast him into a cauldron, which the Monkey survived.  Finally, the Jade Emperor became desperate and asked the Buddha for help.  Eventually, the Monkey God was subdued and held captive in the Mount of Five Fingers. 

After his imprisonment of 500 years, the Monkey God was given to Xuan Zang so he could be his teacher and teach him how to calm himself and use his powers effectively instead of for mischief.  Xuan Zang was given complete power of control over the monkey, citing how mischievous the Jade Emperor knew the Monkey God Could be.  In return for his release from his imprisonment the Monkey God helped Xuan Zang travel to India to attain ancient magical scriptures. 

Adita secured this piece during a celebration and veneration of the Monkey God during a ritual where Xuan Zang was summoned to bring forth the Magic of the Monkey God.  This is the piece that was used, as it holds the ability to spiritually communicate with gods and prophets.  It specifically holds all the magic of the Monkey God and his infamous powers. 

With this piece you will gain the full range of the Monkey Gods powers from his advanced alchemy and sorcery that will allow you to create magic using the energy of April's full moon, 1/12th of the astral magic of the stars, the sun, the winds, and the thunder.  The energy creates a pure form of alchemy, because remember the monkey holds the magical abilities of Nuwa, the creator Goddess.  Using this energy you can create any power that you wish to practice. 

You will also gain the powers of the 72 Transformations.  This power will essentially provide you the ability to to shape-shift into any form that you want to take.  It obviously has to be a living creature.  Each living creature contains their own energies and abilities; so, while this piece does not allow you to shift into a being such as a vampire or witch, you will gain the magic and understanding of whichever being you choose to become.  For instance, the wisdom of an owl, the cunning of a fox, etc.  Or maybe you just like the idea of running around as an animal.  That's an exciting prospect as well. 

This piece will give you the ability to, "eat the peaches," of the Mother Goddess of the West.  These powers will not give you physical immortality, but it will give you the energy that is necessary to give you a prolonged and healthy life.  It will also give you spiritual immortality and spiritual cleansing to make all of your magic powerful and to improve your ratings among the gods. 

Finally, this piece will unlock a secret channel of magic that was sent forth in a secret indoctrination from the Buddha via the secret teachings that were brought back by Xuan Yang with the assistance of the Monkey God.  These secret ancient teachings will give you enlightenment and show you how to use your energies to become transformed into a living, breathing, incarnate God.

Adita worked hard on getting this piece, as she really had to impress the people at the festival that she was worthy of having it.  The Oriental Hierarchy of magic relies a lot on trust and respect.  It took a lot of tireless hours for Adita to win the clergy in the Temple to give her this item.  However, in the end, she found that it was worth it.  It was worthwhile for her too, she says, as she went on many different kinds of astral spirit journeys while waiting to gain favor of the elders of the temple.  This piece is very powerful so whomever gets it should consider themselves extremely lucky!! Enjoy.