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This is a piece that reflects the powers of one of the most controversial topics in the Bible.  That is the gift of psychic powers, mediumship and magic.  I truly believe that some believers misconstrue what the Bible actually means to say, but you can interpret however you want. This piece holds the powers of the Witch of Endor, as we have resurrected him in seance that we held not to long ago.  We specifically wanted his help as he has helped King Saul see the prophet Samuel. 

It was after Saul had died that he was laid to rest in a place called Ramah.   Also, after Samuel's death, Saul received not an answer from God in the form of dreams, prophets, or the Urim and Thummim.  He sought out his best course of action against the assembled forces that waited for him outside of the city gates.  They were that of the Philistines, advancing upon the city. 

In a frantic panic, King Saul summons the medium known as the Witch of Endor.  This he summons because there are none left, as he has at this point, thrown them all out of the city, due to the stubborn belief system that magic is of the devil.  However, Saul has always been a man of magic, so he calls up the medium.  The medium calls up Samuel, whom she sees rising from the abode of the dead.  After berating Saul for waking him up from the dead, Samuel predicts the downfall of King Saul in his battle the next day.  Samuel doesn't stop there, he tells the seer to let Saul know that he will all his sons will die in battle the next day.  Sure enough, after the onslaught that took his sons, Saul kills himself because of a wound that he got during battle. 

The point is, the Witch of Endor is successful in summoning Samuel from the dead.  This goes to show how powerful the witch is and it also goes to show how powerful the piece that we are offering is.  It holds a spell that was chanted by the Witch of Endor during our summoning.  It has allowed for the full awakening and empowerment of this item. 

When you peer through the window that is a charm on this necklace, it will allow you to see into a realm that is called the House of Angels.  The House of Angels is the level of Heaven where all the angels are kept, except for the thrones that are kept in the realm where the Throne of God is located.  This is why those angels are called thrones.  However, the rest are kept in the House of Angels.  It a temple where they exist, each with a special power or white light ability that was given to them when God birthed them. 

With this item, you will be able to see into the House of Angels. You will be able to summon these angels to access their powers and magic that has been given to them by God.  The power and magic you will get depends on which angel you summon.  This piece will give you psychic connection to the angels and the realms that will allow you to read each angel to see what its magic and ability consist of, that way you can seek out only the powers you want.  With this item you can summon as few or as many angels as you want the choice is yours.  However, this piece is powerful and will summon as many angels as you need.  There is no limit!!