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The Sirens were beautiful, yet destructive creatures.  They were the daughters of of the River God Achelous, who just so happened to be fathered upon the Earth.  Many writers of the times have given account of the Siren sisters, who sing a melodic tune that will attach itself to you brain and cause you to see hallucinations of your heart's and brain's innermost desires.  You will then become intertwined with the hallucination and you will either crash to your death or worse-- the Sirens will take you into eternal captivity. 

In some cases they are winged creatures, almost like fairies or fallen angels.  In other cases they have no wings.  It just depends on the writer whose work your reading, but the fact that they have wings bares no significance other than the fact that can fly from place to place, landing in whatever place they wish to land to search for their victims. 

The generally accepted number of sirens varies from in between 2 and 5, although nobody knows for sure how many there are.  I can assure you that there are a lot more than document in historical accounts for the simple fact that most of the Siren's would take lovers of the sailors they lure before the killed them or took them captive as their companions.  They would bang the sailors which would impregnate them.  Obvious they'd birth more of the Siren creatures, most whom do have wings like fairies, and appear as beautiful women with that enchanting voice that can captivate minds.

This item holds the powers of the three mother sirens, the names of which are Parthenope, Ligeia, and Leucosia.  They are the are the original that were born by the River God, Achelous.  They are the sirens that almost lured and defeated Odysseus on his journey to save Helen of Troy.  Their powers are incredible and their song is the most captivating.  The bracelet depicts a flower which is symbolic of the the nature of the sirens who were born among the meadows.  It will give you the ability to control the mind of whomever you want.  You can use this piece for almost anything you want.  You can use it to woo a lover or somebody you want to be your lover.  You can use it to perform remote viewing via mind control.  You can use it to control the brain of clandestine individuals to attend the rituals and to acquire their powers.  The piece is just very versatile and really has no limits.  It is the epitome of mind control to the point where it will latch on to the person's brain like a giant claw until you command it to let go.  The best part?  You can use this piece on as few or as many people as you'd like, whereby you are the hub of control and can jump back and forth between your targets.   This piece is very exciting and very powerful!