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People that don't believe in the after life are just stupid. They haven't used logic at all or done any research for that matter. If there is no after life then why are all the reports of those who " saw the light" the same with the exception of what place they went?  Saw the tunnel and went to the dark place or the place of light? There is no in between. Everyone is different and everyone's brain is also different. While the organ itself is the same, life experience, genetics, chemistry and even how and where we live matter. If we are all different. and we are, then why would we all see the same thing? The bottom line is every brain reacts differently to the same thing. So there is an after life because the one thing that remains the same is that heaven or hell experience when we die.
There is also another thing that is present and that is the energy that comes from the tunnel light. If you speak to anyone that has been to the light and returned they will tell you a few things. First they were out of their body, they saw their dead relatives and they are now psychic. Pretty impressive and they came back to tell about it! 
One of the things we got from a guy we know in Germany is a machine that can produce death but will also bring you back. You're dead for only 3 minutes. You're still getting oxygen so your brain will still work when you wake up. Michael used it himself many times and knew how to capture the energy from the tunnel but it's not just the tunnel it's the dead that give the energy and the power to you. They don't set out to do it but it just happens because they are part of the energy on the other side, they carry it, it's part of them.
The energy of the other side is like a unseen paint. You can't see it but you can feel it and it is there. When you go to the tunnel, if you have something in your hands at the time it will manifest there as well. This includes things in your pockets too. This is why I fully believe that coins fall from the sky. Coins, rings and old jewelry can hold these things and that is why when psychics hold something that belongs to someone else they can feel them. This of course takes a certain type of psychic ability but if you have it,it's like being right in front of the person.
So what we did was to put together a few items that will do just a few things. We do guarantee them to work.
1- you can visit the dead as long as they are related to you. That we guarantee. You may be able to see others but we can't guarantee it.
2-You will gain psychic ability in the form of telepathy or precognition. This comes slow but it does happen.
3- the ability to leave the body to heal it and to relax. You may leave your body open to a white light angel who will come in and heal you. You may also just travel astrally to wherever you wish.
To those who are the "I NEED IT NOW" type, don't bother! Those people get on my last nerve anyway. The real world and the spirit world just doesn't work that way. I'm talking about the people who say I want to win the million dollar lottery tomorrow can you do that? Yeah,please stop breeding! None of these people need to buy this but for those with a brain and who really want to gain some power,this is for you!