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The fact that people never really see the truth for what it's worth is something that I personally struggle with.  More specifically, I'm talking about the church.  By the church, I really mean the people that have been indoctrinated.  The teachings of the church have been apostatized by the people of power that want to rule over everyone else.  They figure that if they give this doom and gloom explanation that if you don't believe the way they tell you that you are automatically going to go to Hell.  This is simply not true.  I don't doubt that some of them have the best in mind for their followers, but this is only because they are taught how to believe by the people who are higher up than they have.  The truth has been bastardized ever since the King James Version of the Bible.  If was nothing more than a politically motivated translation to get people to do what they wanted them to do.  Trust me, I grew up in a religious home and I was so indoctrinated myself that it took some time for me to come to terms with it, as well.  A truth has to be sought out though and we have to know what it is.  
For instance, we are all born with Reptilian DNA. Like it or not this is truth.  The fruit, or apple, that Eve was tempted into eating was not a fruit at all.  Rather it was a metaphor.  Those who study the Bible-- the real Bible not the one that has been fictitiously drawn up to lead us astray-- realize that the Bible is full of metaphors.  Nearly everything from Jesus walking on water to Jonah living in the belly of a fish, is a metaphor for something else that has actually happened.  Eve did not take an apple, instead she took the DNA of the reptoids which were a race of beings that were near the equivalency of human existence.  They are no longer, but they once were.  Take into account that in the Book of Genesis God curses the reptoid, whereby it is referred to as a serpent.  He tells the serpent that he shall crawl on his belly and breast for the rest of his life.  God tells them that he will be bruised on the head by humans, who were clearly the greater creation.  
The thing of it is, is that the serpentine race was created as an upright, walking, intelligent, and communicating race of beings.  They had wings to fly and they could speak and communicate with the humans in the Garden of Eden.  The thing is that they have always been cold blooded and not capable of the type of love that God had for humankind.  This made them incredibly jealous, so they sold out to Satan.  They figured that if God was going to give all of his knowledge to the humans, they needed a God to do the same for them.  They allowed Satan to possess and use their bodies in order to trick Eve into having relations with the Serpent, which is strictly prohibited.  This did give her the awakening of the Tree of Knowledge, but not in a good way, because all of the serpents knowledge was given to them by Satan who already knew this knowledge from when he sat at the right hand of God.
Like I said, Satan possessed the bodies of the Reptilians and beguiled Eve into having sex with him.  This mixed her DNA with what is called the Spiritual Thorn DNA of Satan and she gained all the knowledge of the Wicked Satanic DNA and its version of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  She then slept with Adam, her husband.  Natural, right?  Well, he was then infected.  When God came to look for them, they knew what they had done was wrong, because they were now aware.  They hid from God and when God found them and found out what they had done, he was forced to banish his creation from Paradise.  
This is why all humans are born with free will to do either good or evil.  It has nothing to do with believing Jonah got swallowed by a whale, but it's about your trust in God and that by doing the right thing He will be just to you.  In the meantime, this piece opens up the full comprehension of the Tree of Knowledge.  Since your body is born with a mix of DNA (since the downfall of Man affects us all), this Tree of Knowledge is given to you in a neutral tone.  You can search the Tree of Knowledge by asking it for any power that you want.  It will not be given to you by God or Lucifer.  It will be provided to you by the Tree of Knowledge.  It is a dual power.  How you use the piece is ultimately up you and will ultimately determine whether the power is dark or light.  If you use it in dark ways, then the magic will be dark.  If you use it in light ways, then the magic will be light.  It really depends on you, because like I said, this piece grants dual powers.  As for the powers that you can ask of the Tree of Knowledge, there are no limits.  It will literally grant you anything. 
It is also interesting to note that this piece in and of itself awakens your inner serpent DNA.  This is the powers of the rainbow serpent, as he was called such in the Garden of Eden.  This is because he was able to shape-shift into anything he wanted to.  This is why he was the most beautiful being in the Garden of Eden.  He could transform into the angel at the drop of a dime.  Perhaps, this is how Satan was able to beguile Eve so easily.  Either way, when you open up your full reptilian DNA form, shape-shifting will become a power that you will automatically gain, along with being able to see into the future.  This is a very powerful piece, you do not want to pass it up!!