The Seed of Satan
The Seed of Satan

The Seed of Satan

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We do not condone doing anything dark or evil, as in using magic to harm others.  What we do provide are dual pieces.  Let me explain. A dual piece is of universal magic.  This magic can be used for light or dark work.  We sell the piece and how you choose to you use it is typically your business.  However, we don't recommend conjuring demons, because these beasts can be very tricky to use.  You can't keep demons as a pet or as a type of "guardian angel", it doesn't work that way.  They are elusive and they will trick you and cause your downfall.  They have been doing this for thousands of years.  Still, the fact that the King of Demons has an amazing source of power is absolutely no myth.  How could it be?  He was once the morning star-- the most glorious angel in the whole of Heaven.  When he fell, he obviously took this knowledge with him.  He just changed how he used it a bit.  
The thing of it is, is that God is a jealous God.  It says that in the Bible time and time again.  This is why he doesn't want us to know magic, because if he holds all the magic, then this keeps us in a dependent relationship.  By granting us miracles and giving us spiritual rebirth through being "born again" God gives us these powers.  He also gives us a long list of commands that we must follow in order to stay in his good graces.  By staying in his good graces, we have total access to His power.  Think about it.  God is constantly granting miracles, giving people wealth, changing their lives for the better, etc.  Why doesn't he just give us this magic?  Again, because he is a jealous God.  They are the fruits of your labor.  If you are a good minion, you will be given these things.  If you are not, then-- I guess that's just to bad for you.  
This is what the whole war in Heaven was about.  Well, there was two things that it was about really.  The first was the fact that God loved his human creation more than he does all of his angels.  The second part was the fact that Lucifer didn't understand why, if God loved them so much, he didn't just hand them the magic in the first place.  This sparked God's anger and he rebuked Lucifer.  Lucifer led a revolt and the rest went down in history.  He took the knowledge that he had obtained from God and turned it dark, to use against God.   I guess the moral of the story is that God is all powerful and wants to remain all powerful.  The minute he gives his powers to others then revolts break out.  He isn't about that.  He wants to remain in power-- as immortal king of Heaven and all that has been created.
Lucifer started a revolt and millions of angels were lost during the process.  Eventually, God tired of all the nonsense and opened up the pits of Hell and cast Satan and his followers into a lake of fire.  This is a metaphor meaning that they have gone to a place of turmoil where they are forever separated from the light of God.  This is when Satan's magic turned dark and was resilient in not giving up.  He has been tempting people with his knowledge ever since.  This is why he tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge.  Just like Satan, they had to be taught a lesson.  They too were separated from the grace of God by being booted out of the Garden Eden.  This was the downfall of humanity because unlike Satan we had zero knowledge to fall back on.  We are governed by God, because he is our creator.  He created a bridge for us through Jesus, but it still isn't free flowing knowledge that we get.  We get only a small taste of what the full thing is like.  
This is why we are offering this piece.  Like I've told you, it's dual in nature.  You can use it for total white light purposes.  Or, you can use it for totally dark purposes.  We have washed in white light power several times, as an assurance that there is no evil effects on this item.  I mean, there weren't in the first place, we just wanted to make absolute sure, because we know there are those who don't want anything to do with dark magic.  This piece is dual and can be used for whatever the person who acquires it desires to with it.  Essentially, what this piece gives you is the knowledge f all magic that was hidden by God in the Tree of Knowledge.  
The ring is called the Seed of Satan, because that is who is pictured on the ring.  He is spitting out his seed of dual-knowledge that you create to make your own magical powers and abilities.  It will give you an eye-witness account of the knowledge that God once imparted in Him.  This is just about all of the knowledge that God has ever had, with very few exceptions.  When you use this piece, it will create a holographic reality, where you will be able to travel to the Garden of Eden and behold the Tree of Knowledge for yourself.  This is the ability the Seed of Satan gives you.  He has seen the Tree many times, because God has shown it to him.  The Tree of Knowledge will give you the rest.  You will be able to consult the tree of knowledge, which communicates via a telepathic vibration, for whatever type of magic that you want in your life.  It is not choosy and will give you want you ask for, because God designed it this way.  It's roots are buried in God's divine magic and the top of the tree shares His brain.  Between the two of these there is nothing that you can ask this tree that it will not have an answer for-- nothing!  That is why you need to have this item.  You can literally create anything with it.  Wealth, white light spells, white magic, dark magic, dual magic, alchemy, and the sorcery that is necessary to transpose your soul into that of a living God.  This power is 100% the real deal and is more powerful that most of the items that we sell here.
The ring that you get is small, about a size five or six and it is sterling silver.  On the ring is depicted Satan, who is the one that facilitates this quest, just as he facilitated the eating of fruit between Adam and Eve.  Like I said, this is not evil at all, only serves to represent all the power that Lucifer was given by God.  In his mouth is what is called the seed of Satan.  This is the power that gives you the ability to unlock his experiences and the holographic reality that will allow you to communicate with the Tree of Knowledge.  The Tree Knowledge is what will communicate with through telepathic vibes and you can ask all that you from the tree, to grow your power.  This power in turn, will rival that of any being, and that is how this whole thing comes full circle!!  Go ahead and make the move!  Whatever power you want will be yours!!