The Twelve Gates of Heaven-- the True Meaning of the Pyramids
The Twelve Gates of Heaven-- the True Meaning of the Pyramids

The Twelve Gates of Heaven-- the True Meaning of the Pyramids

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There have been many concepts that we have discussed about the Pyramids. They possess different aspects and have different personalities, just as mortals do.  That is because they encompass so much magic and have been given so much magic over the years that they actually entail many different things.  What I am about to tell you is a different take on the pyramids, one that we have only recently encountered ourselves.  This is the pyramids as the stairway to Heaven.  The pyramids, among other reasons, were built as final resting places for the Kings of Egypt.  They knew that the pyramids held the power to transfer the soul of the fallen to the place beyond the North, which is where the knew Heaven to be located.  In order to do this, not only were the pyramids built in sync with the belt of Orion, which serves as three giant stargates, but also in accordance with two stars in the North.  They called these stars the indestructibles, simply because of how bright they glow in the sky.  It was believed that through the power and energy of these stars, the dead would be passed through the portal to Heaven.  Once there, each heart would be judged and their eternity would depend upon the course of action they took it life.
We have always said that these pyramids were secrets given to the Egyptians by the angels, in a round about kind of way.  Yes, there are different interpretations of what it meant to be an angel, but it pretty much has always been chalked up to mean the same thing.  These celestial visitors came to the Egyptians to give them visions of what the pyramids looked like, but it has never occurred to us until now that maybe the pyramids that they were looking at weren't the pyramids that existed in Heaven, perhaps they pyramid that they were shown was Heaven.  The pyramids on Earth are merely a representation of what they thought they saw.  There's always room for human error.  I mean there obviously couldn't have been much, due to the immense power that the pyramids entail.  Another interesting point to convey is that they Egyptians put huge emphasis on the Ouroboros, which is more or less a symbol of eternal life.  God's throne is surrounded by Seraphs, which are represented as his holy serpents.  The way to eternal life is only through God.  Coincidence?  I'm no inclined to believe so.  How could something as elaborate as that be a coincidence? 
The point is that we got this piece as the result of an investigation that we were on.  You know how we're always on investigation.  There's always something going on for us.  This one came from a pyramid that we discovered in upstate New Hampshire near the Canadian border.  You know, those New Englanders have been known for their magic since the beginning of the United States.  That's where the witch trials originated.  Either way, it was investigation into the pyramid that eventually gave us this piece.  The piece itself has originally come from within the Pyramid.  It was created or made, but rather it was just given out of thin air to prophet of Egyptian power who was studying some inscriptions.  I don't know the ins and outs of how he got it, but I guess he cracked some code and it was given to him by the hand of God.  This has me convinced of my previous theory about how we all worship the same God, just in different forms.  Whatever, the case may be, this piece is highly powerful.  
Now, back to the Heaven as a Pyramid theory.  What most people don't know, and what we didn't even known until we starting working with this piece, is that there are Twelve Gates to Heaven.  Not just one.  How it works is that once your soul leaves your body, you are sent to be judged.  That can go either one of two ways.  You either go to Heaven or you go to Hell.  It's that simple.  If you are sent to Hell, it's game over.  If you are sent through the gate, that is just gate one.  Yes, I'm for real.  In this realm is where you will find most of the people who have died.  They've lived good lives, but not quite good enough to ascend past the second gate.  This is the Heaven they have created for themselves and this is where they will remain for their eternity.  There are low level white magic powers in this realm and the people who are here are, of course, eternally happy because they don't know any better.  However, once you have passed gate one, you will be given the opportunity to be judged to get past gate two.  Only the people who have passed gate two know that there is one.  The rest of the host's knowledge is deleted, so that way they can live in bliss in their own Heaven.  
So, you will be judged like this in every level of Heaven that you go through.  If you are lucky enough you will have lived in such accordance to God's will that you will be allowed to pass into the 12th Gate of Heaven.  This is where you behold God's throne.  You will be able to look into God's eyes, which hold the history of forever, even before the world was created.  You will be able to see what took place before God gave the famous command, "let their be light."  It will fill the void you have always had with presence and security and give your eternity purpose.  You will be then be given your wings and be transformed into an angle of the Lord.  This is what people most commonly refer to when they say they've seen an angel.  It has been an angel of the Lord.  They are the most powerful ones, as there is the most power in level 12 of Heaven.  It is in level 12 that you will get to experience the full force of actually being in Heaven, including the presence of the crystal pyramids that exist there, the mansions of Heaven, and the Ark of the Covenant.  
Now, why is Heaven like a pyramid?  Because at the bottom you will find the most people.  There are less behind the second gate and even less behind the third.  It works in this fashion, until you get all the way to the top. They were not lying it is harder for someone to get to this euphoric level of Heaven that it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.  Thus, the ability to say that one has actually experienced this level of Heaven is very, very rare.  Most of them, by that time are already angels of Lord and are doing his work.  However, this is the experience and opportunity we are offering.  It has been afforded to us by the prophet who was able to master the concept of the Twelve Gates of Heaven.  
ON this piece, you will see two of God's guardian Seraphs on either side of a red pyramid shaped stone.  This is to signify that the the realms of Heaven are guarded by God's Seraphs, so it is by conjure these two spirits that we gain this ability.  With this piece you will visit and experience each level of Heaven.  As you do, you will experience, with each level, a different set of powers and abilities.  As you ascend, these powers and abilities will grow to immense proportions.  There are really too many to list, so you will definitely want this piece for the full experience.  It allows you to climb in ascension to the twelfth gate of Heaven.  You will be allowed to enter, whereby you will become an Angel of the Lord.  You will be able to see into his eyes that spin around like globes.  They tell the history of the entire universe and they will telepathically give you the answer to any question might have.  Once you have done this, you will be sent back to Earth, where you will assume your mortal form, but you will still be a angel.  This means you will be able to leave your mortal body at any time, in your full angel form, to fly among the realms and to travel back and forth into time.  When God controls everything and you are his personal angelic creations, there isn't much that you can't do.  He will literally show you and tell you all-- everything that there is to know.  The likely hood of any mortal having had this experience is slim to none.  If they have, then they can simply tell you how powerful this ability is.  Becoming an angel will be the best thing that has ever happened to you, ascending through the twelve gates of Heaven will be the most knowledgeable, and absorbing all the powers, magic, and abilities that come along with it (too many to list, basically all powers) will be the most magical thing you will ever witness.  You don't want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind item!!