Birth of Venus

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This is a piece I made while I was studying with the Platonic Academy.  A lot of people have scoffed at such an idea as the Platonic Academy, simply because there was no public acknowledgement of their existence.  This was on purpose.  Why would they want anybody to try to steal their magic from them?  The fact that they lived in such secrecy, while developing very powerful forms of magic is the entire point.  They have existed since the times of the ancient Greeks and still exist till this day. They magic that they have made and kept is both ancient and powerful and people still don't know about their existence.  Who's scoffing now?  
Either way, like I said, I made this piece while I was studying with the Platonic Academy.  It is a very simple piece, but yet so powerful.  This piece is called the Birth of Venus, as I chose to name it after a painting by Sandro Botticelli.  This is because this piece will actually rebirth Venus presence to you, for the power of pure seduction over anyone you want.  It works like a charm!  You don't even have to try to get it right, you just will.  
The fact is that this piece has be pre-activated, so there is nothing that you have to do other then wear the piece for a couple days so the power has time to get familiar with the chemistry of your body.  After, I'd say, about three days, you powers should be fully activated.  At this point, you will will the small vial on chain with a liquid.  It could be perfume, some type of oil, or just plain old water.  It really depends on what you want.  What will happen next is the Venus will berebirthed into you.  To gain her powers you will take the bubble stick out of the container and dab it on your neck, your wrists, and wherever else you would wear perfume.  
Venus will come to you and release a seductive pheromone that will radiate from your body every time your heart beats.  You will then approach that one special person that you have been dying to get your hands on.  There is no possible way they will be able to resist you.  Walk up to them with confidence and be funny, flirt, and be yourself.  You will be given full powers of seduction over that person whom you choose to seduce!  This can either mean that you can seduce them into give you carnal pleasures if that is what you want-- OR-- this piece can help you find true love.  It simply depends on what your passion is.  
If you elect to use this piece for sex, or even if you don't.  Just know that when it comes to this point, it won't really be your body in control of the actual physical act of sex.  Whatever you do in the bed will be a direct result of Venus leading you to do it.  This means that the sex you have with this piece will be better than ever before.  This is because Venus is the sex goddess.  She knows what she's doing, so just do what feels right.  It is her guiding hand that has lead you there.  The energies in this piece will increase sensuality and passion, leading you to a side of you that nobody has ever seen before!