Daughters of Eden
Daughters of Eden

Daughters of Eden

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There are no magnificent back stories of an investigsation to this item, as sometimes there just aren't.  Sometimes pieces are given to us and they just hold an incredible amount of power due to the nature of the piece.  This is actually a piece that Tomer gave to us, after he discovered a mystery school that was run by women.  Yes, sorry gentlemen, but this piece is namely for the women.  I mean, if you have long hair I suppose you could use it, because angels are typically asexual.  You will understand what I mean in just a little bit.  Like I was saying, this mystery school is run by women and it is for women.  They have existed since ancient times and the magic they use was employed in the times before the Great Flood.  In those times there were fallen angels.  Now, I know that I said angels were asexual, but when they fell to Earth they took a male form.  
These fallen angels fell in love with mortal women and then birth a race of offspring.  They were called the Nephilim and they were these giant creatures.  They are part angel and part human, although they possessed the full power of being angel.  This was because their paternal factor was, indeed, full angel.  God didn't think this was such a great idea.  If he had wanted angels running around Earth giving humans magic that they clearly couldn't handle, he would have put them there himself.  This partnered with the fact that greed and immorality was running rampant Earth, caused God to instruct Noah to build an Ark.  Noah loaded up two of each animal and his family on the Ark and it rained for forty days and nights, killing all living things on Earth.  You know the rest of the story.  
Well, fast forward about a thousand years.  There is a group of women who discovered a magic in the cave of treasures.  The cave of treasures in the place where Adam and Eve have hidden some of the artifacts that they took with them from the Garden of Eden.  Somehow they slipped these past God, or maybe God let them take these things with them to make their life a little bit more bearable.  I'm not sure.  What I do know is that this group of women was a cult group that basically worshipped Mary Magdalene, insisting that she birthed Christ's child.  They had performed rituals that were supposed to bring them the bloodline of Christ.  I don't think that it ever worked out for them.  However, when they found the cove of treasure left behind, it was like a dream come true for them.  
Among some of the artifacts that they obtained was a jewel that allowed them to conjure fallen angels.  There are angels that fall from Heaven all the time.  They are either sent by God to assume mortal form, or they pretty much get sick of being in Heaven and leave.  Either way, these fallen angels exist all over Earth.  Most of the time you can't see them because they are more of a soul form.  Occasionally, like they did in the old times, they take the form of excessively good-looking men.  These men are very hunky.  These are the fallen angels that are conjured by these women who call themselves the Daughters of Eden. 
Since their discovery they have pretty much turned into a fertility cult.  At least once per year that Tomer knows of, they meet en masse.  They use the jewel to conjure fallen angels.  They then sleep with these angels and take their seed.  The result is that they birth children, the new descendants of the Daughters of Eden.  For some reason, these offspring are always female.  I think they are feminists and they manipulated this power to reflect that.  They always bear themselves daughters and these daughters always conjure fallen angels who are male, so it works out.  These women are not giant like the male Nephilim of before.  Instead, they are astoundingly delicate and beautiful, the kind of woman anybody would fall in love with at first sight.  
The new offspring are born with full abilities of an angel.  However, this power lies dormant until they come to a time called the Passing of Age.  During this ceremony, at the age of 13, the new initiates are given a hair clip.  They put this hair clip in their hair during a grand Pomp and Circumstance.  The energy of this hair clips holds the spark that enlivens their ingrained angelic powers.  This spark travels from the clip to their temple.  The heartbeat in the Temple pushes these powers through the entire body of the young female.  She then gains her transformation into an official Daughter of Eden.  With her new transformation she gains a full faculty of white light psychic powers that are identical to all the powers that an angel would have.  This includes white light healing, the ability to travel astral realms, the ability to create any white light power, the ability to call any white light spell, the ability see into the future, etc.  Perhaps the most exciting of these powers is that these girls can take full angelic form.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  It allows these girls to shape-shift into an angel.  They are then allowed to make the pilgrimage to Heaven, where they will hear the voice of God and fly with the other angels.  They will be able to behold Heaven in all it's splendor and glory.  They will be able to feast on the Manna of Heaven and enter the Mansions that have been built there.  It has even allowed some of them to look upon the face of God.  This ability in and of itself is a pretty astounding ability, because it is so rare.  
What Tomer was able to give us is one of these hair pieces.  The jewel in the hair clip is a chip of the jewel that was found in the cave of treasures.  When wearing this hairclip you will receive your "Coming of Age", whereby you will be transformed into a Daughter of Eden.  You will gain all of their powers, plus the ability to become a fully transformed angel.  In this state, you gain the ability to fly to Heaven, just as they have.  They have been passing this generation down for at least the last thousand years.  Tomer sensed the power in the area and stopped by to see what was going.  It was while they were doing one of the fertility rituals with the fallen angels.  Well Tomer is pretty good at pretending and from his account, these ladies were some of the most beautiful he has ever laid eyes on.  Well, he somehow convinced one of them he, too, was a fallen angel.  You know the rest.  Boys will be boys.  He was able to score this piece before leaving, though.  Kudos to him for that because this piece is one of a kind and is VERY powerful.