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King Henry the Vlll was searching for Judes and he sent his men to locate the infamous pub. His men never did return. I located it and maybe I wouldn't have returned either except that I refused to look into the eyes of the green eyed lady.
When I went in I could smell the rot of old wood and what smelled like mold. These things soon faded and I could see the little children playing ball and one playing hoops. Men were at the bar and women walked around all in victorian dress. At the back of the bar you could see more modern dress and directly in the front what seemed to be medivel clothing. I had to wonder was this some sort of dress rehersal? People dressed in like ways all communicated with each other but stayed away from those who didn't look like them,all but one woman. This emerald eyed woman dressed all in black,at one time,dressed in victorian dress in another placement,dressed modern at one point. What was she the only one changing? I saw three empty bar stools and she looked at me offering me a seat. She wanted me to keep looking into her eyes but I just knew to refuse. 
I went on this trip with Victor a few years back. This is the first time I have spoke about that trip. There was a police investigation and if you search enough you will even pull it up on the internet. Victor never came back. For those of you have have shopped with me for years you will see that at one point I never spoke of him again. He was no longer part of the investigative team. You will find me speaking of another Victor but if you read closely you will find it is not the same person. 
Victor was a HUGE part of our investigative team and he was good. He was I believe one of the of first people to meet and bring into flesh a woman of another dimension and then marry her up in NY. Those of you who have been shopping with me for years will remember these things and know there is no way I can be lying. Who can remember lies of that nature for so long? The memory for things that never happened gets distorted unless they are real,this is real. You have heard the old saying, it's hard to remember so many lies. Look at my websites,how the hell could I remember so much bullshit? You just can't.
Victor is gone and when I can I go and visit him or he visits me. He can never live as he once did and he is immortal but when I ask him about it he doesn't or won't speak of it. Lindy asked me last year if she could go and I said no. This was after she was in the hospital. It was not something I could agree to do.  I ask Victor if he is happy and he says yes but I feel he wants to stay with me,not exactly me but maybe as he once lived,in this time. What I do know is he fell prey to the green eyed lady,the gate keeper of times past and future.
So I sat with Victor and Ricky at the bar,those three empty bar stools,empty but waiting on the three of us. The bar knew we were coming. Did it also know that only two of us would leave? Did any of you ever wonder why I stopped speaking of Ricky?  It was because Victor never returned and even though I did not set up the investigation I was blamed for the disapearance. I could have blamed Ricky but that is just how some people deal with it. Ricky just now after years will be coming back for the first time next week. He had some issues he needed to take care of after Victor vanished. You see even if you beieve in the supernatural or the paranormal you never fully believe until something like this happens to you. I can tell you that I have had things happen to me that science just can't explain. These same things when spoken of lead people to believe your nuts or that it is impossible. Time stopping is one of them. I did it and now I can always do it. When I did I was the only one on Earth that was moving but where were the rest of you? Did I hop into another dimension? These are just some of the great mysteries of the paranormal.
Getting back to Victor. It was only after he decided to visit Ricky that Ricky decided to come back. Knowing Victor was alright and that he could travel through time and dimensions as if he was some sort of vampire I guess sat well with Ricky. What we have learned is that if Victor travels forward he will age,if he travels backward he does nothing but stay the age he was when he vanished. Is that not odd? Our guess is that moving backward allows one to learn and moving forward and aging is a natural process even though he doesn't die. He is a time keeper now and an educator. He teaches us things to come and we use them.
You may wonder why I write this today. It seems that Victor can only travel so far now. What I'm saying is he can't seem to travel ahead to far anymore. He said something has changed and it is not for the better. He fears he will be stuck and I said no, he will not. If all things end then so will he. Everything is and has a destiny and that includes other dimensions. He spoke of a black hole that sucked him up inside. At fist I wondered if his mind was on the break but then he spoke of an underground cave and everyone who was wearing these rings with special markings on them of which he could not understand. He saw tons of food and a few people he didn't know but had seen before. It was at that time I knew he was seeing thigs that were real. He went a few times to that location and pulled one of the rings off of someone in what looked like to be a section that was meant for the sick. He also saw that those who were really sick no matter who they were got disposed of. That is how he got the one ring. He is going to get more. From what he can gather the rings are a marking that allow for these people to leave the underground and move around those still alive on Earth unseen,invisibility. These it seems were made right now,around this time. The code on them we have not made sense of and we only know a few of the functions. One is to become invisible the other is telepathy. I'm still playing with one and I don't know what all they can do.  All I can say is that I'm glad that Victor learned something and I have to guess that it was meant to be. That these are going to come in handy at some point in time. I know that Victor could see these people move around other people who did not have the rings and they were starving and in bad shape. He saw entire towns vacant or with just a few people hardly hanging on to life. What we don't know is was he looking into another dimension or the one we are in now. We hope it is some place else but for now he is getting more rings.  You can't pick your size,it is whatever he can get. You can't say I want one with a stone because this is not a custom order,this IS whatever he can get,end of story. I will keep you updated on what we find as time goes on the best I can. These will also take time to get. If your oe of those people who say " I bought this on Monday where is my item" and well its a fucking Tuesday,don't order! Your to stupid for me to deal with and this is something very important. We don't really want them in the hands of idiots anyway.
When I have more time to type I will tell you some of the great mysteries of the pyramids,Atlantis and even Jesus that Victor got to see but for now,have a good day.