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Holy Mother of God! I'm watching Parking Wars and this guy is showing off his private parts because his car was booted in Philly. I even know better then to park where I can't. I have been towed and the parking fence is not a nice place. Those guys are freaks! It kinda makes you want to take one home!

Anyway to this. This is a terrible sad little Mermaid and there is nothing anyone can do for her. NOTHING.

She was trapped by a sorcerer to give her beauty and money. She works and she is works amazingly but there is nothing in it for her.

When she was trapped she was told that if she kept producing wealth and gave the sorcerer the energy of beauty then one day she would be set free. Well there is no setting her free because if you do she dies.

The best thing that you can do is make her comfortable and speak to her on a daily basis so she knows that she is loved and wanted. Here is another thing. You have to allow her to give you wealth and beauty because she doesn't know that she can never leave. She has no idea that she will die if set free.

As you can see from the ring it is very unusual and it has been sealed up on the back.

This is one of a kind and her name is  Anemona.

She will bring wealth and she does send out beauty energy. Try not to use the beauty part so much though because each time you do she loses her own looks but at least she doesn't know it.