Spinning the Cosmic Web of Life
Spinning the Cosmic Web of Life

Spinning the Cosmic Web of Life

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The cosmic brain is the force at the center of the universe that drives life in all living things.  You could call it God if you want to, or you could think of it as a giant machine that keeps us all going.  You won't find the existence of such a cosmic brain in science or history books.  This is because there is no proof of its existence, save for magic.  You all know that science and magic don't mix, although some of the very basic fundamentals of science could be considered magic.  However, if scientists can not wrap their puny little brains around something, then they automatically assume it doesn't exist.  Therefore, magic is out because there's no formal explanation.  This leads to the cosmic brain being dismiss as some sort of fantasy hocus-pocus, because you have to use magic as a means to conquer the understanding of the cosmic brain.  It is quite sad that people are more open-minded about these things.
As sure as I sit here typing this listing, I can assure that the cosmic brain does exist.  It goes by different names, but I will call it the cosmic brain.  It is the force that weaves our webs of life together into what they will become.  It is the very essence of destiny that designs and implements the path that you will travel down in life.  Don't let the name dark matter and dark energy fool you.  This is no dark issue. Scientists simply call it this due to the lack of knowledge thereof.  However, the true cosmos consists of white light.  It is blissful energy that is used to create and it is the command center for all living things.  Even those things that we don't understand the life of, such as rocks or metal, have a form of life or energy.  They all stem back to the cosmic brain.  This brain knows all things because it sees all things and understand all things.  This is because it is all things and has created all things.  
The web of existence that we exist upon is such a small part of existence that it would seriously baffle your mind to fully understand the bigger picture.  Our destinies guide us along a path to what is called "second existence."  This second existence is the cyclic nature of all life, where nothing ever truly dies, it simply starts over in another place, or perhaps even in the same place.  It just depends on your own individual destiny.
As for this piece, holds micro-filaments of white light from the cosmic brain-- the center of the universe and the glue that holds it all together.  The webs on this piece represent your own destiny and the lives that you are meant to live, including your second existence-- and even your third and fourth, etc.  The power in this piece allows you live outside of your life, to see your life as if you were watching a movie or a book.  You will see your own self from day one, regardless of the stage of existence you are in.   You may not understand now, but I assure you all of your forms of existence will add up into one giant meaning, as if each of your lives is a movie and there are sequels and prequels. You will fully understand.  
In doing all this, this power will give you the ability to create your own destiny.  You will do this as if you were painting a picture.  Only, you will paint his picture with your mind.  You will literally envision those things that you want to create in your own destiny.  There are no limits on what you can create for yourself, as you mind will be filled with the creation power of the Cosmic Brain and this is the same way that this brain creates.  Use your brain to think anything you want into your destiny.  It can be wealth, love, magic, children, bringing a loved one back, healing a loved one, etc.  You can even think up time-travel or astral travel.  Maybe you want to live larger than life and walk among the galaxies.  Whatever you want to do, all you have to do is think it into existence and it will come to pass.  You cannot go back and change anything from the past, as this is a progressive piece.  In other words, you can't change where you've been, but you can mold where you will go.  It is the perfect piece, if you ask me.  With this you control the power that will paint your destiny.