Bohemian Time Travel
Bohemian Time Travel

Bohemian Time Travel

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This is a one of kind piece that was made this past summer during a meeting of the minds at the Bohemian Grove.  Bohemian Grove is the place where the richest and most powerful people meet to share their powers and wealth.  It is more like a metaphysical mixer.  You have to be invited to go and I'm telling you, only the richest and most influential people are even considered for an invite.  They gather there to perform black magic rituals that bring them wealth and all kinds of other powers that assure that they will be able to oppress the average citizen and maintain their ruling of the world.  They are a diverse crowd and include politicians, celebrities, business moguls, members of the Freemasons and the Illuminati.  Together, they form a kind of New World Order, because their magic is never shared with outsiders, unless outsiders find a way to steal it.  You could try to break it, but you most likely be shot.  They are all heavily armed and this is because they release humans into the woods so they can hunt them.  It is all part of a really bizarre ritual that they take part in.  There was a girl who escaped a few years back, that gives full account of how she was hunted down by Dick Cheney and somehow managed to escape.  She has since gone into hiding.
This owl pin symbolizes one of the ancient Gods that are venerated during the magic rituals that are held at the Bohemian Grove.  The God's name is Moloch and he is the ancient Fire God to whom children were sacrificed by fire.  Although he is the God of Fire, he embodies much more power and ability than that.  This is because he was one of the chief Gods, especially of the Phoenicians.  This piece was not made through child sacrifice.  Rather, it was made with the powers and energies involved with an orgy ritual that was done by the attendees of the Bohemian Grove.  I'm not saying that pieces haven't been made with human sacrifice in Bohemian Grove.  They have been.  This is not one of them.  
Rather, as I have said, this piece was made during a sex ritual on the altar of Moloch.  The altar of Moloch is a statue of an owl, with tables around the base.  The statue is 15 feet tall and has piercing green eyes, which are said to bring wealth any one they gaze upon.  The tables are used for the orgies, which was also done in ancient days.  Each year the Bohemian Grove appoints one person as the Temple Priest.  The Temple Priests job is to initiate the orgies, during which he is filled with the spirit of Moloch.  The more sex, and the more people involved, the better.  Of course, these are gay orgies, because it's mostly men who are invited into confines of the Bohemian Grove.  Only one times has a woman been invited, but she was more of a man anyhow.  The energies involved in the mass sex awaken the spirit of Moloch and he comes to the people present, who have vessels ready.  These vessels are then filled with the spirit of the ancient God and each one is given a different power.  They never know what power this might be until they go to use them.  These powers include wealth, astral travel, birthing of entities, divine knowledge of all things etc.
This particular piece comes from a spy that we have in the Bohemian Grove.  He is very rich and got rich using a wealth piece that we made years and years ago.  He has since gone on to found a very popular social media site, but I'm not saying any names.  He often goes to these meetings at Bohemian Grove, because he is very into the magic and occult.  He also enjoys the sex, but hey-- he's not gay, right?  Either way, he sends us pieces from time to time, all of which that have been made during some type of ritual at Bohemian Grove.  This particular one does time travel. 
As you will see, this piece symbolized the owl, Moloch.  His green eyes will stare into you, which will fill you with a metaphysical energy that will unlock the piece's power.  You will then be able to use this piece to travel into time.  How this piece works is like this.  You stare into clear part of the owl's body.  You will imagine in your mind, a time and place that you want to view.  The piece will get a little warm and it won't be long before you see the place that you want to visit begin to play in the clear space like a movie.  You will be able to see vivid details of what has happened.  The energy will eventually encapsulate your entire body.  Once this has happened, you will be funneled through time, to wherever you were previous viewing.  You will experience it as if you were actually there and actually part of the scenario once more.  You can use this piece to travel to wherever you want.  All you have to do is envision the place you want to travel to.  The piece will show it to you, and then it will suck you through like a vacuum, at which point your time travel will become very real.  You will be able to communicate with whomever is in that time-period.  You can gain their powers and knowledge, or simply speak to them.  You can work the powers in this piece out however you wish, but it will deliver you to any point in time that you wish to go, even if you were never there.  If you can think it, this piece will take you there.