Caesar's Soothsayer
Caesar's Soothsayer

Caesar's Soothsayer

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"Beware the Ides of March!" was the warning that Spurrina gave Julius Caesar.  Caesar had sought out the prophecy of Spurrina, who was a long revered soothsayer of the Roman Republic.  When Caesar gave a bull to Spurrina as an offering, the bull was split open only to reveal that it did not have a heart.  The soothsayer was horrified, but Caesar was unimpressed.  He had already abandoned his humble beginnings and was much to arrogant to worry about what was being told to him.  After all, who kills the Caesar??  
The Ides came and was just about over when Caesar ran into the soothsayer.  Caesar called her an idiot, asking her, "So, the Ides are here and nothing has happened, don't you feel stupid?"  Perhaps Caesar should have embraced his inner humility, had he had any left.  As soon as he entered the Theatre of Pompey, he was stabbed 23 times, in an assassination by men who some consider to be the best friends of the Caesar.  One of them was even related to him.  The Ides proved to be a very unlucky day for him after all.  Perhaps, if he had listened to the soothsayer, he would have lived to see another day?  I doubt it.  He had grown to be quite an ass, honestly.  Like some people in American **Cough cough, Barack Obama, cough** government, he let the power go to his head.  That's they way the cookie crumbles sometimes, right? 
Okay, so what does this have to do with you?  Well, this is the part where we get to the piece we are offering.  It is a pin with a cameo on it, who represents Spurinna, who is Caesar's Soothsayer.  We have held a seance that we used to contact her and summon her into this piece.  When you wear this piece the presence of the soothsayer will be with you.  When you take it off, she will not be.  You can where this piece when you are out and about.  You can ask the soothsayer anything and she will give you the answer.  She will also give you complete white light protection.  The answers she gives you will come in the form on an immediate vision.  She will show you how the actions you are about to commit will affect your future.  For instance, if you are about to make a very risky financial investment, ask Spurrina first.  She will show you what will happen if you do make the investment and if you don't.  You can make your decision from there.  
Additionally, you can ask her how to gain things in life.  For instance, if you want wealth, you can ask her, "Spurrina, how can I become wealth?"  She will then show you what you must do to acquire the wealth you desire.  Say you want to become a werewolf.  She will show you what you must do to accomplish this as well.  If you want love, or luck, or immortality, it doesn't matter.  That's the beauty of this piece.  You merely have to ask the soothsayer and she will show you what you must do in your future to acquire all of those things that you want. She does this because she has been touched by the hand of Jupiter while he was attending the Lupercalia festival in the guise of a mortal.  
This piece is an antique and has a few blemishes, but this is merely a testament to how often this piece has been used due to its very accurate and immediate future telling ability.  It doesn't affect the powers of the piece at all.