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This is a short list of wealth giving spirits and entities that we offer. Most are rare and hard to obtain. Many people when they think of wealth or obtaining financial freedom seek out Djinn or a Genie but there are so many more that are easier to work with. Many are much more powerful,it is just that they are lesser known. Get to know some of these and begin a better and more abundant life. The only one on here well known for wealth is the first one,the Red Dragon, the others you MUST get to know!

This is a magical dog with wings. This supernatural dog is born under a tree that drops the seeds of wealth under which he is born. All the dogs are male only,no female dogs are ever created. The creation of the Chamrosh does not require a female as it is purely a magcial wealth giving and wealth seeking dog. You are given either a full grown or pup of which you will need to name. The adoption process is easy and the offering is all you will need. The only aspiration this supernatural dog has is to give you wealth and companionship.