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This is a short list of wealth giving spirits and entities that we offer. Most are rare and hard to obtain. Many people when they think of wealth or obtaining financial freedom seek out Djinn or a Genie but there are so many more that are easier to work with. Many are much more powerful,it is just that they are lesser known. Get to know some of these and begin a better and more abundant life. The only one on here well known for wealth is the first one,the Red Dragon, the others you MUST get to know!

These are beautiful creatures that can shift into any form. Along with shifting they shift your lot in life from that of destitute to wealthy. They do this over time with guidance and care so that no one gets hurt in the process. This is a pure white light creature that gives to you all she can. She just doesn't do wealth but also beauty and what they call life creativity. These are secondary actions with the main goal being financial freedom and a lack of slavery to the working system. Swan Maidens love to gamble and love games of chance but again they work in all ways to bring you wealth.