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This is a short list of wealth giving spirits and entities that we offer. Most are rare and hard to obtain. Many people when they think of wealth or obtaining financial freedom seek out Djinn or a Genie but there are so many more that are easier to work with. Many are much more powerful,it is just that they are lesser known. Get to know some of these and begin a better and more abundant life. The only one on here well known for wealth is the first one,the Red Dragon, the others you MUST get to know!

These are Reapers,those that carry the dead to another place. In doing so all that is left of wealth can be redistributed,kind of like what Obama likes to do or even Bernie Sanders. You know what I mean,right? You work for it and then you need to give it away to someone who didn't,that sort of thing. I'm just trying to make this easier for the readers. So these Grim Reapers are not so grim for you. You get one of these spirits and they do have  names which you will be given to bond with them. The bonding process is short because well, life is short. To be clear the Order of Grim Reapers is different then A Grim Reaper. This order is ranked by the amount of wealth they have gained since their existence. All of these are amazingly great at getting wealth or they wouldn't even be in the Order. The higher the number the more powerful they are. These Reapers are free to come and go from your home as they have to in order to collect for you.The bottom line is a spirit that makes regular bank deposits.