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This is a short list of wealth giving spirits and entities that we offer. Most are rare and hard to obtain. Many people when they think of wealth or obtaining financial freedom seek out Djinn or a Genie but there are so many more that are easier to work with. Many are much more powerful,it is just that they are lesser known. Get to know some of these and begin a better and more abundant life. The only one on here well known for wealth is the first one,the Red Dragon, the others you MUST get to know!

These are extremely powerful low maintenance wealth spirits. While you don't have to do much they themselves are highly complicated due to magical knowledge they have. Here are a few of them and what they cover. 
MESKHENET, This spirit is mainly for those that want a job of importance that brings them great wealth and reward. This can take a person who works Burger King and make them a CEO. The key is the want and the drive to do better and become something of greatness. This spirit is for that person who can't or doesn't want to sit at home watching TV with servants. Trust me there are a ton of them out there,I'm one of them. I can't even take a vacation because I feel as if I should be working. People that sit all day and watch TV or lounge at the pool,I don't understand that and I would get bored inside of an hour!