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2-6-09 This is FULL POWER. You will be meeting with a real Vampire of light. This vampire has reached full power a long time ago. We know that vampires lack a light because of the lack of soul.

This vampire has found that light and soul again through a direct communication from a being that forgave all he has done. I don't want to get to much into this on here. While he has soul now he still holds all his power and it has now become more stronger then ever. This is mainly due to having been on both sides.

What your getting is a full power infusion of light into your body. You will also get something just for you which he will give you. This item will keep an open communication with him and a higher being forever.

What will happen.

You will meet him for the day and for dinner. When it is over you will retire to his hotel room for the process. There is NO sex involved here at all. Do not ask, it won't happen.

What will happen is he will transfer both power AND the ability to communicate with a higher being of extreme greatness. I do not want to reveal who the being is that will communicate with you. There are reasons for this but the being is one of the greatest in the world. You will not be disappointed in anyway.

This is something you will come away from happy that you did it. You will be able to accomplish all that you have wanted to in a short period of time. You may even change your path in life as I have.

Details will be worked out when you buy. Times of you meeting will be at your discretion unless there is an absolute emergency.