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On the first evening of a full moon trace two circles on the ground,one 6ft and the other 12ft. Build a fire in the center circle suspend a black pot above the fire and fill it with water from a flowing stream. When the water boils fill it with a handful of aloe, hemlock, poppy seed, belladonna and nightshade.

Once that is all in there get good and naked.once you do that you will get quite gross. You will need to rub the fat of a freshly killed goat or sheep ( I would suggest that you get it from a butcher so that you don't waste it and also eat it later) mixed with camphor, nutmeg, and some opium. Cover your body in this. I think Opium might be illegal so I'm not endorsing this just telling you how to do it if you choose to.

When all that is done you will wrap your body in a length of wolf skin. You can get this from an Indian store or reservation or some hunter that does that sort of thing. When you do that you will then kneel on the ground and begin to visualize your astral body of rage. You will then need to say this.

Hail, Hail great wolf spirit

A boon I ask thee mighty shade

with in this circle I have made

make me a werewolf strong and bold

the terror alike of young and old

grant me a figure tall and spare

the speed of the elk, claws of a bear

the poison of snakes, the wit of a fox

the stealth of a wolf the strength of the ox ( In my words I might add the deflated pumpkin head private part scratcher as he is an ox)

the jaws of a tiger the teeth of a shark

the eyes of the cat that see's in the dark

make me climb like a monkey, scent like a dog

swim like a fish, eat like a hog ( now that doesn't sound good for the diet!)

haste haste hast lonely spirit, haste

here,wan and drear, magic spell making

findest thou shaking, quaking

softly fan me as I lie

and thy mystic touch apply

touch apply and I swear when I die
when I die I will serve you evermore

evermore in grey wolf land cold and raw

When you are done saying this you will need to kiss the ground three times and move to the fire. You will spin around saying make me a werewolf make me a man hunter

give it to me, give it to me great wolf spirit I am yours.

what will happen next is you will see an entity manifest itself you will see it glow and hear the wind. The form will continue to gain flesh and substance until she is standing in front of you. She is a sorceress that is half human and half wolf. She will begin to speak to you and you will get into negotiations for hidden occult power of all kinds. Dark, white and dual. Your choice.

While I have given you the tools to do this it is dangerous and you do it on your own.

The item that is being offered is for a man but I also have one for a woman if anyone is interested in it. This is a sterling silver ring with a black center and I think the size is about an 11 or a 12. What the ring does is not turn you into a wolf but it gives you the power you ask for. That is what the negotiation is for. You can ask for that but I don't know why you would.

This ring is already programmed for your control over the entity so you get what you ask for. You become the vehicle of magic. This is one of a kind but it is for a man. A woman can not use this piece.

Possibilities are endless with this piece. You enter into a world of which there are many dimensions and where magic is taken as serious.

The creatures true name is Loup Garous.