A Merging of Two Very Powerful Magics
A Merging of Two Very Powerful Magics
A Merging of Two Very Powerful Magics

A Merging of Two Very Powerful Magics

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If you are wanting a power the incorporates multiple origins, then this would be the piece for you. We have had pieces that are a merging of powers or beliefs in the past, but this piece is the perfect storm. This piece holds two types of power and magic that have been spoken about and coveted for years upon years. Finally, this piece is a convergence of them both. It was bound to happen sooner or later, we are just glad that we were there to capitalize when it did.

This piece is both an antique and gold! We got the piece at the Underground Auction and it is styled as a piece that belongs to a secret society founded in America, known as the Knights of Pythias. You can do your own research on the Knights of Pythias if you want to. They were supposedly founded on the ideals of friendship as demonstrated in the story of Damon and Pythias. This might be true, but nowhere in their charter does it say that they may not compete for magical knowledge. If I'm being honest, most "secret societies" do. Maybe the lower-level initiates are clueless, but the top-level ones are not. Magic abounds in secret societies. That's just the way it goes.

Having said that the Knights of Pythias have always been kind of underwhelming in their pursuit of excellence. They never really measured up to those they aspired to be like-- the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. However, given their ancient ideals of friendship, they were given the opportunity of a lifetime to create a source of merged magic. This magic was to come from the two aforementioned groups, the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. Obviously, the Knights of Pythias weren't about to give up that opportunity. They established what was called the Final Meeting of Troyes.

This meeting didn't actually take place in Troyes, France, but was an attempt to pay homage to the place where the Knights Templar received their nod of authenticity from the Pope. In this meeting, several pieces were created that were a merging of both Freemason and Knights Templar magic. The results are nothing short of astounding with the newly created magic expanding the horizons of each individual magic. The pieces were not polarized by having to choose from religious magic or other types of magic. Rather, the new magic was a combination of both and could be used for the purposes of both. Indeed, it was a dual magic the likes of which have never before been seen.

The merging of magic allows the person using it to gain access to the presence of the Cosmos. This is a 360 Degree Masonic Awakening. It allows you to summon forth the powers of the Cosmos and use them as you will. The Cosmos possesses the energies used by God in the creation of his universe. When embracing this cosmic magic you will receive what we call the Awakening of the Trine and Divine. You will receive the presence of all three parts of the Holy Trinity, with the ability to exist as a divine being on Earth. This will allow you to pull the magic of the Cosmos to you and use it to create whatever you want to create-- magic, powers, abilities, destiny, a special type of entity, whatever.

Now I know that what I just said may have seemed a bit religious, and it was, I want you to know that the Knights Templar gets way more into the religious aspect than the previous one did. In fact, this addition of the knight's Templar magic includes something that we called the Mind of the Divine. This piece will attach your third eye to God's third eye. There is something sacred about the symbology of the third eye and you are about to experience what it is. The third eye is God's second brain where all he sees and has ever seen is stored. It is the place where he stores his most valuable knowledge and most extreme types of magic.

When using this piece you will be able to receive a third eye connection to God. This will give you that connection that will allow you to know God through and through, inside and out. It is a very personal connection that will allow you to experience what is like to be God, His origins, how he came to power, how he acquired the power that He has, how He uses this power on a daily basis. This comes with an awakening in knowledge which is everything you will ever need to know. It also comes with his deep-rooted magic and universal comprehension of what is called the Myriad-- which is a place in existence that is so holy that nobody has ever been the besides God, but you will at least receive its blessing of white light sustenance and extreme magic.