A Mother's Love

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This piece is for those of you who want to be parents, but aren't sure that you're ready for that kind of commitment,  Alternatively, this piece is for a person who is pregnant by surprise and is scared they won't be able to bond with their child because they weren't necessarily ready for it.  Otherwise, this piece can be bought and secretly given to people who are simply terrible parents.  Not all mothers have that innate motherly instinct like most women do.  Trust me, where I live the people really don't care about their children at all.  They make their 5-year-olds babysit their 2-year-olds and then they go out to party.  

So whether the effort is intentional or unintentional, this piece will give that motherly instinct to whoever is in its vicinity.  This instinct will allow a mother to bond properly with her children and will give her that motherly conscience that will allow her to realize that children come first and that they are precious gifts from God that should be treasured.  This piece gives a guiding hand that will allow you to know what is right for your children and what isn't, as well as being able to read the minds of your children to always know what is going on with them.  You know what they say-- a mother always knows.  That's the type of connection this piece gives the parent to the child.  

This piece is 14k gold.