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These pieces are absolutely phenomenal!!  They are very beautiful items that have not been photoshopped whatsoever.  The brilliance and the shine that you see in the pictures is the piece catching the light and emitting into the atmosphere.  They do this because these pieces are imbued with a special Necromancy magic that allowed us to summon souls from the otherside.  They are not regular Cubic Zirconium, they hold shards of magic from many magical places including the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Easter Island, Stonehenge, the Cave of Treasures and other places that we have collected energies along the way.  They allow us to raise the souls and to place fragments of those souls into these pieces, which have then grown into full-blown souls themselves.  They create bubbles where a portal between this dimension and the next will be open and you will be able to access the soul that you’ve chosen at any given moment.  The list of souls that you can choose from is below (or you can email us if you don’t see a soul you like below and we will tell you if we can do it).  

When you choose a soul, it will be set into a piece for you.  We will list each type of piece separately so that way you can choose.  You will gain this soul's magic, knowledge, talent, or whatever else they have to offer.  It will become yours and your soul will be accessible to you any time of day or night, 24/7/365.  You will become close with this soul and their essence will become your own and their abilities will become yours.  Two will become one and you will be able to learn whatever the soul has to offer you.  You may pick one soul per item, but you can buy multiple items so you can have multiple souls, multiple powers, multiple forms of knowledge, etc.  These souls will never leave.  They will yours to keep as long as you own the piece.     

Apart from this these pieces will increase your clarity of psychic abilities, meaning a full awakening of psychic abilities.  It will give you an intuition that will allow you to communicate with spirits, because this is obviously necessary.  This is how the bubble that I mentioned earlier is created.  These pieces are very beautiful.  If you find a piece that isn’t your size, they can also be worn on a chain as a pendant.  They are gorgeous either way.  They are all sterling and Cubic Zirconia.

  • Abaris the Hyperborean--  legendary sage fluent in healing
  • Abe no Seimei-- Japanese occultist experience in ancient oriental magic
  • Abraham Abulafia-- A very powerful Kabbalist who knows the ins and outs of gnostic teachings
  • Abramelin the Mage-- a teacher of the ancient ways who taught magic in Egypt and Germany
  • Alber Einstein-- he boasts a vast knowledge in physics and other scientific areas.  He has the ability to grant spacial comprehensions and the utilization of dark matter.
  • Albertus Magnus-- Middle Century occultist well-versed in many forms of magic, having written many magical texts
  • Aleister Crowlery-- He brings the knowledge of the mysterious entity known as Aiwass, as well as vast knowledge of an intergalactic network of pyramids and their magic.
  • Alexander the Great-- he is the Greatest Greek ruler to have ever lived and will bring you a vast amount of magic that was handed down through generations in the Greek Mystery Schools.
  • Alexis-Vincent-Charles Berbiguier de Terre-Neuve du Thym-- fluent in demonology, how to summon them and also how to perform exorcisms and protect areas and people against demonic attacks
  • Algernon Blackwood-- As a member of the Hermetic ORder of the Golden Dawn, he is well-verse in different types of hermetic and occult magic.
  • Amy Winehouse-- She is summoned for her ability to sing and the ability to become famous and wealth in the music industry
  • Andrew Carnegie-- He brings with him wealth, of course, and a success magic that will help you thrive in all that you do.
  • Antoine Court de Gebelin-- master of the Tarot and will give you the same abilities
  • Atomus-- Magus and occultist fluent in Caesarian Magic
  • Ba'al Shem-- He brings his ability of fortune-telling along with the ability to change the future.
  • Benevenuto Cellini-- a famous sculptor who is well versed in summoning spirits, with which he created living sculptures that held powers and abilities
  • Benjamin Frankin-- he had a murder club and used it to create powers and magic with his ancient knowledge of the Emerald Tablets
  • Bette Davis-- she brings matriarchal characteristics and the ability to get what you want out of life.  This includes the ability to become a famous actor/actress if that is what you want to do.
  • Cleopatra-- she is summoned for her great beauty and the ability to seduce and sexually satisfy
  • Cosimo de Medici-- He brings the ancient gifts of wealth, as well as the knowledge and magic of the Illuminati.
  • Count of St. Germain-- a master alchemist and occultist, also brings knowledge of vampiric magic.
  • Dwight Eisenhauer--  He is well-versed in his knowledge of alien technology and advance alien magic such as healing, mind-control, etc.
  • Edward Kelley-- He is a alchemist and contemporary of John Dee.  He iw well versed in Enochian magic, including the ability to summon all angels.
  • Elias Ashmole-- the first ever speculatie Freemason, holds the secrets and the magic of all Masonic Rites
  • Elizabeth Bathory-- summoned for her knowledge of blood ritual magic and also sangine magic.
  • Elvis Pressley-- You can summon him for his ability to sing and the fame that comes along with it.
  • Empedocles-- Philospher who mastered the arts of the elements:  water, fire, air, and earth
  • Gerald FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare-- was an advanced shape-shift and teaches this ability in the astral form
  • Gilles de Rais-- teaches the art of ritual sacrifice.
  • Grigori Rasputin-- Russian mystic and advisor to the royal family, who will give you knowledge on how to create many different types of magic
  • Gyges of Lydia-- an ancient collector of magical artifacts who can instill magic into vessels
  • Heath Ledger-- He brings fame and fortune in acting, as well as dashing good looks and a charming personality.
  • Helena Blavatsky-- fortune tell of the coming times and mistress of theosophical magic
  • Heraclitus-- philosopher and mage who is verse in many different types of magic
  • Iamblichus-- philospher who is fluent in theurgical magic
  • Iannes-- Egytpain magician fluent in the arts of ancient Egypt and also ancient Atlantean magic.
  • Jabir Ibn Hayya-- Persian alchemist who holds the ancient magic of the Sumerians
  • Janis Joplin-- she has a free spirit, will bring wealth and fame in music and entertainent industries, and grants you the ability cast spells, because she was low-key into witchcraft while she was alive.
  • Jim Morrison-- brings fame and fortune and musical talent, along with many other secret talents.
  • Joe Demaggio-- for excellence in all things athletic, including baseball, but also other sports
  • John D. Rockeller-- summoned for his ability to grant you wealth, as well as his Illuminati magic that has allowed his family to own a large chunk of the world's financial investments and endeavors.
  • John Dee-- occult philospher and Queen Elizabeth's advisor who also mastered the Enochia language and who possesses the ability to communicate with angels.
  • John F Kennedy-- He brings with him a knowlegde of politics and how to manipulate the minds of those around you.  He also brings with him many hidden magical talents that he used to become one of the most famous political figures of all times.
  • K'inich Janaab Pakal-- a famous Mayan King who brings with him the knowledge of ancient Mayan Magic, including the knowledge of the Long and Short Count Calendar and the ability open celetial gates and traverse time.
  • King Arthur-- He is a master of Medieval sorcery and has the ability to grant you magic
  • King Solomon-- this one should go without saying, but he is the writer of the Testament of solomon, the Key of Solomon, the Magical Treatise of Solomon, the Lesser Key of Solomon, and is also world-renowned for his work with djinn.
  • King Tutankhamun-- He holds the knowledge and the secrets of ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics
  • Krishnananda Agamavagisha-- master of Tantric and Vedic magic.
  • Leif Ericsson-- He holds the knowledge of ancient Viking magic.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci-- for is talent in artwork and also his knowledge of Templar and divine magic.
  • Lilith-- She is technically a demoness, but before that she was human.  She brings the powers of seduction and dark magic.
  • Ludwig Von Beethoven-- He donts great talen in music, as well as the ability to charm and entrance those around you, which he did with his music.
  • Mae West-- She holds the ability to charm and seduce.  she is like a living siren and this piece will bring you her abilities.  She also brings fame and fortune.
  • Marie Antoinette-- She is summoned simply for her beauty, wealth, and success.  Oh, and her astounding knowledge of occult magic.
  • Marie Laveau-- Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, is well-verse in Voodoo Magic
  • Marily Monroe== YOu can summon her for her beauty, but you can also summon her for her intelligence, because she was actually extremely smart.
  • Michael Scot--  Holds the knowledge of witchcraft and spell casting
  • Michelangelo-- again for his art talent and his knowledge of the occult, which he would hide in his paintings
  • Mohammed, the Prophet-- he will grant you all of the magic in the Quran as well as the understanding of all the secrets that are contained within.  
  • Morgana La Fey-- she brings with her the ability to summon fairies and fairy magic, including birthing your own fairies.  She also brings the ability to summon different races of the Fair Folk including elves, leprechauns, dwarves, knocker gnomes, etc.
  • Moses from the Bible-- Brings with him the knowledge of Christ's bloodline and the knowledge of all white light magic.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte-- He is summoned for his knowledge of ancient Egypt and to reveal the prophecies he received while in the pyramids.
  • Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild-- He brings with him his wealth and will help you overcome your obstacles to become whatever you want to be in life.  He grants Illuminati magic and knowlege including ritual knowledge and both dark and white magic.
  • Nicolas Flamel-- One of EUrope's greatest alchemists to ever live, he holds the knowledge of both wealth alchemy and alchemy of the soul
  • Nikola Tesla-- He was a scientist who worked in many areas of occult of magic.  In this piece he dons the ability to communicate with the universe and to receive communications.
  • Nostradamus-- He is a prophet and will allow you to see the future in vivid detail
  • Pablo Picasso-- for excellence in artwork and the ability to become famous and wealth from it.
  • Paschal Beverly Randolph-- Brings the knowledge of hidden Rosicrucian magic, as well as sex magic those who wish to get jiggy with it.
  • Paul Foster Case-- foundr of BOTA and will bring you the secrets and the magic of the Adytum
  • Pharaoh Khafre-- he was there when the ETs gave Egypt they gift of the Great Pyramids
  • Ptolemy-- a famous astrology who is fluent in the magic of the Zodiac
  • Pythagoras-- a Greek mathemetician and numerologist who is well-versed in sacred geometry and numerology.
  • Queen Victoria-- for her regality and the ability to assimilate into royalty, she can be summoned.  She also brings a gread deal of wealth granting abilities as well as the magic rituals of the royal family.
  • Roger Bolingbroke-- Astrologer and necromancy who had the ability to raise the dead, as well as control spirit forms.
  • Ronald Reagan-- Not only will he grant success in the entertainment industry, but he also grants political know-how and how to be good with people.
  • Saint Cyrprian of Antioch-- Sorcerer and Patron Saint of dark magic, specializes also in love spells.
  • Saint Francis De Sales-- patron saint of journalists and communicators, will help you excel in that area and become famous for your work.
  • Saint Giuseppe Moscatti-- Patron Saint of Doctors, grants protection to those who aren't doctors and knowledge, patience, and good practice to those who are.
  • Saint Gregory the Great-- Patron Saint of Singers who will give you the voice you've always dreamed of.
  • Saint Ivo de Kermartin-- Patron Saint of Lawyers, ironically will grant you cunning and wisdom to always win arguments and to be a successful lawyer.
  • Saint John Baptiste de la Salle-- Patron Saint of Teachers.
  • Saint Sebastian-- patron saint of athletes, will help you excel in all things athletic
  • Sam Walton-- He boasts the ability grant success in all your business ventures
  • Simon Magus-- a well-verse practitioner of both dark and white magic
  • St. John the Apostle-- Brings with him the knowledge of all of the prophecy in the Book of Revelations and the secrets of the Ending of Times.
  • The Witch of Endor-- the most powerful Witch to exist in Biblical times
  • Thomas Browne-- Philospher who is well-versed in Hermetic magic.
  • Vlad the Impaler-- he is summoned only for his knowledge of sanguine magic.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-- Also summoned for his expertise in occult music work, including spiritual transcendance using music.
  • Zoroaster-- he is the founder of the Order of the Magi and holds vast knowledge of many different forms of magic
  • Zosimos of Panopolis-- Egyptian alchemist mystic who holds the magic and the mysticism of the pyramids in his subconscious