A window into their soul

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This necklace is pretty and delicate. You can wear it with most things which helps because of what it does.

When wearing this necklace no matter what anyone tells you or how they act, you will know the soul. This is not only a piece that allows you to know that but also plants full blown discernment into your third eye. This is a full awakening of discernment.

To use this piece first wear it around people and look at them. This is brain training. You will automatically know if the person is good, bad, trustworthy or evil. You will know the soul. On some people who use it they might be able to see certain things the person has done or is doing. That part will not happen for everyone though. 

After wearing it for a while you can take it off but you will still have discernment. The discernment is a little slower coming. The soul knowing is fast, as soon as you wear it fast.

This is a good piece!