All the "Yous" of the Mirror Realm

All the "Yous" of the Mirror Realm

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Just for the record, there are very many versions of you.  In fact, they are limitless. There is a version of you for almost every circumstance that you will face in life. However, the version of you that you keep in this reality is the version of you that you have inadvertently created throughout your life.

The other versions of "you" exist in something called the mirror realm. This is the realm that you look into when you peer into a mirror or a looking glass. Without the proper magic, you would never know that these other versions of you exist in there, but they do. This piece is the proper magic that you need.

Using this piece and a mirror, you will be able to summon whatever version of you that you want. The best thing is that they can be anything. As long as you can think it in your mind while you are gazing into the mirror that is the version of you that you are going to be seeing looking back at you.

Want to fun, flirty and seductive. Try it. Want to be a savvy, smart, business entrepreneur? Go for it. Want to be Xena the Warrior Princess? Well, she's already taken, but you can be right like her. All you have to do is think of the version of you that you want to become. This is the reflection of yourself that you will see in the mirror. The essence of this version of "you" will be duplicated into this piece. The energies from this piece will then begin to introduce the qualities that you asked for into the person that you want to become.

This piece is a heart necklace because you are able to manifest your true desires of heart.