Alpha Female Transformation

Alpha Female Transformation

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I personally believe this is one of the most needed transformations for our world right now. We are at the crux of a shift, and as all transitional time…it brings about instability as we go through our shifts. We are seeing the feminine energy beginning to push through the old established patriarchy. As it does so, however, I feel we are needing a certain clarity as to what the goal should be.

Much of the female energy in our collective consciousness right now is showing signs of a certain frustration with the way things are done. It is as if we are out of touch with the very basis of our existence, and the feminine within knows it.  The deep, vast female power is seeking a voice and is demanding to be heard. However, the wounds of a tyrannical male energy have done their damage. This transformation seeks to put forth a model for a new feminine power to arise. Individually as well as collectively.

What it will do for you: It will bring forth the boundless depth of your divine feminine energy. The archetypes of feminine strength, sensuality, and power will be brought forth in your being. The seductive ability of Salome, the courage of Queen Boudica, the leadership of Joan of Arc. Whoever possesses the qualities you wish to acquire shall be used. Animal totems will be brought forth for specific qualities to be enhanced. Ancestral bloodlines will be accentuated while healing the wounds within our DNA. A full empowerment of the feminine deities will be infused using those of your choice. A special enhancement for the ladies as far as sexual energy will be used. Owning your orgasm, to either be able to have one or to fully open up to its full depth. A special seduction work will be infused. Also, a healing for you for emotional/physical traumas that you may have endured. This healing will be transferable so that you might help others with theirs.


This energy will be tempered with the development of the male energy which exists within all of us. The male brings a certain detached power to aid in controlling the vast storehouse of energy that will be released in you. A discernment is the best way I can put it as you will be reborn into your Alpha Female being….and the world may be shocked by the new you!


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