Alpha Male Transformation

Alpha Male Transformation

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Alpha Male

This transformation is about bringing forth the true nature of the male energy. Yes, it is about strength, power, and machismo, but soooo much more.

Inherent in every being are the energies of both the female and male, the yin and yang if you will. Our current social structure has been established along the lines of patriarchy for thousands of years, though I sense a shift in that energy slowly emerging.

The male ideals of the past are changing as we realize the social constructs of the past no longer hold true. However, I feel, the inherent beauty of the male energy is being discarded as well, throwing the baby out with the bathwater, if you will.

This transformation will empower the true depth of your male energy AS WELL as bringing forth the power of the feminine within your being. What does this mean? The strongest males I know draw power from both sides and are able to show tenderness and vulnerability in their nature because they are so secure in their manhood. It is as if they are so strong, they no longer need to convince the world of their strength. Fatherhood and being an open mate, for example, are a wonderful blending of the dual aspects of our nature.

With that said, this transformation WILL be focused on the Male empowerment. The creative force of the hunter, the defender, the warrior will not only be enhanced…no they will be much more than that. Drawing on the archetypes of your cultural background, those will be implanted into your being to draw from. Animal totems will be used to link your energies to those that empower YOU. Ancestral energies will be called forth to accentuate the positive and release negative karmic patterning within our bloodlines. We can draw forth any historical figures you want to empower yourself with to include within your framework.

Your physical being will be infused and you will naturally radiate charisma and confidence. Your sexual aura exudes a subtle yet palpable sensuality that others are naturally drawn to. Your physical stamina and recovery in the bedroom will be like that of a young man (trust me on this one). Your tactical and strategic mindset will be enhanced, useful at work, and any form of competition. Those around you will naturally feel secure in your presence.

Now...I want to reiterate…I will also be balancing these energies with an empowerment of the “feminine” aspect. No, you will not become “feminine”; however, you may feel an increased ability to open to the people in your life due to your new-found confidence in your own being.

Step up into your Male power today; become the Hercules, the Leonidas, the Thor of your life, and bask in the highest nature of what it means to be ‘man”.

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