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The pieces in this collection hold hardcore magic.  They were created using a combination of card summoning magic and hidden knowledge magic.  What you see on the tarot card is what you will get.  However, you must keep in mind that this energy is the utmost of its kind.  It is extremely empowering, enlightening, and revelatory.  Brand new knowledge will be revealed to you through the use of these cards.  Things that you've never understood will be comprehended.  These items are the epitome of magic.  

When you look at the listing you will first see the card.  This is the energy/entity that you will be receiving.  We have many of these items, so you will not always get the same item that you see listed.  This is because we cannot list that many pictures for one piece, so we have chosen to list one piece per card.  AGAIN, YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE THE PIECE PICTURED.  It most cases what you will receive is costume jewelry.  

Also, the power in these pieces is transferable.  If you have a charging/transfer box, you can use it to transfer the magic of the piece we send you into a piece that you prefer.  Again, you must have a charing/transfer box or even a bag to be able to do this.  If you don't have one, send us an email.  We have some for sale.  Also, if you see that the item is out of stock for some reason, email us.  Like Carnival items, THESE PIECES ARE NEVER OUT OF STOCK AND ALL PIECES ARE $38.00.  We also do take requests for custom pieces.  For example, if the piece shown in a bracelet, but you prefer a ring let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Overall, I just can't stress enough how amazing and enlightening these powers are.  For instance, if you see a card that says it will grant "science and philosophy" these aren't pieces that are going to dabble in those areas.  You are going to get hardcore knowledge.  You are going to get hardcore magic.  You are going to know your stuff inside and out.  It will be programmed inside of you like a developer would program a computer.  The knowledge will be imparted and it will live inside of you as if you were born with it and it has been yours all along.  To say you will be well-versed is an understatement.  The word I used earlier stands-- these are the epitome of magic!



She's actually pretty straight forward in what she will grant for you.  When you get this piece, you are connected to her presence.  Through her presence, she will grant the gifts that have been written on this card.  They include deep-rooted astrological magic, the granting of wealth and abundance, the gift of sending you an excellent familiar who will be able to fetch magic for you, and an imparting of the knowledge of other liberal sciences.  Again, this is deep-rooted knowledge, not just our plain-Jane knowledge that they teach in high schools and universities.