An Actual Physical Soul Form-- Holds MANY Souls, Powers, Abilities, etc.
An Actual Physical Soul Form-- Holds MANY Souls, Powers, Abilities, etc.
An Actual Physical Soul Form-- Holds MANY Souls, Powers, Abilities, etc.
An Actual Physical Soul Form-- Holds MANY Souls, Powers, Abilities, etc.
An Actual Physical Soul Form-- Holds MANY Souls, Powers, Abilities, etc.
An Actual Physical Soul Form-- Holds MANY Souls, Powers, Abilities, etc.

An Actual Physical Soul Form-- Holds MANY Souls, Powers, Abilities, etc.

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Nevermind where we got this piece. The important part is where or who. The important part is what, as in what is this piece. To the untrained eye, this piece might look like little more than a piece of modern art-- a crystal ball designed to accent a posh upscale home. It isn't, though. Nor, is it a crystal ball that is used to tell the future or to communicate souls from the otherside. Well, not exactly. You see, this piece is the physical manifestation of the soul. It is what a soul looks like when you bring it to life. Why is it so heavy, you ask? Well, that's because while this crystal ball might be one soul, it is, in fact, many souls. I know that seems a bit contradictory, but that is because this one soul has grown. It has multiplied and it has amplified into a conglomeration of soul-cycles.

Where one noteworthy person of magic exists, it creates a sort of vortex that reaches out to other souls. Full souls, or fragments souls, become part of the conglomeration of souls. Thus, this crystal ball is one enormous soul, but it also contains the likenesses of many soul-cycles. This piece holds the presence many, many souls. Admittedly, we may not have contaced all the souls that are present in this massive soul, but we have certainly documented the souls that we have. Furthermore, this soul will continue to grow as it pics up more souls and soul fragments. While you will not likely notice a difference in size, the piece will indeed grow every so slightly over time. It has taken a very long amount of time for this piece to grow this large, so I doubt you will notice much of a difference over the course of your lifetime.

The best part about this soul is the fact that you can use it to summon the knowledge of all the smaller souls that make up the larger soul. As I said, we haven't examined every single soul that has ever been added to the larger soul, so you can use this piece to discover new soul-cycles every day, or as often as you'd like. Or, you can use it to access one of the soul-cycles that we have listed below for you. The choice is up to you, but when using this piece you will hold it on your lap and mentally connect to the soul. If you are exploring simply let your mind go blank and the presence of the souls will come to you. If you are trying to contact a specific soul, you will mentally connect with that particular soul by envisions them in your mind-- their name, their appearance or anything else substantial about their existence. We have given you all the information you need to get started with the soul. Below is documentation of the souls that we have been able to come across using this piece.

Soul of Jesus-- This gives you the supreme white light awakening and white light magical abilities. This gives you the Christ consciousness and the ability to experience godhood and divine manifestation.

Soul of Napolean Bonaparte-- This will bring you many different things, such as the ability to become a good leader, the ability of charm, and the ability to rule over others. However, this piece also brings you the knowledge of what Napoleon saw in the Pyramids the night that he stayed there. It will reveal the ultimate secret to you.

Soul of John Dee-- Using this soul will bring you the knowledge of the Enochian Alphabet, which will allow you to communicate with angels and to speak with the authority of God. In communicating with angels you will be able to summon them forth at your discretion and to gain the knowledge and magic they have to offer you. In speaking with the authority of God you will be able to command all spirits, entities, and beings, except for other humans who have free will. You will also be able to speak white light magic into existence.

Soul of Aleister Crowley-- He brings with him the presence known as Aiwass. This presence will bring you unchained and unlimited knowledge of the ancient Pyramids. This means you will gain an unprecedented connection to the pyramids and their capstones. It doesn't matter which pyramid or where it's located. This duo will unveil the entirety of the pyramid network, through which a ton of supernatural and metaphysical powers will be revealed to you. These are life-changing powers and bits of knowledge!!

Soul of Vladimir Tepes-- I don't need to say anymore about him, as his reputation preceded him, but I will. When you access this soul, you will gain a deep-rooted knowledge of sanguine vampirism. Sanguine magic will b revealed to you and you will be able to capatilize on this magic by making these sanguine abilities yours own! This is basically the ability gain full vampire powers without having to become one!

Soul Benjamin Franklin-- One of the most highly successful serial killers of all times, Ben Franklin was also a renown Freemason. He wasn't just any Freemason, but he was Freemason of the highest degree. When you access his soul, not only will you be able to relive his voracious blood-lust, you will be able to see what he did with his victims. You will be able to experience the magic that he did when using them to complete his rituals. You will gain the highest level of Masonic Awakening possible, which will reveal the secrets of the universe that are incomprehensible to the human mind.

Soul of Anton LaVey-- If Satanic magic and power is your thing, then this is the one for you. When access to this soul, he acts as a bridge between you and the dark lord. I don't know why you would ever want to serve him, but this will allow you to gain a direct connection with the Dark Lord and experience the knowledge he has to offer you-- which I'm not going to knock because the knowledge that he has was given to him by God, which makes the magic of this soul, really, dualistic in nature.

Soul Eve, the first woman-- Plain and simple, through accessing this soul you will gain access to the Garden of Eden. You will gain access to the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. You will gain access to the forbidden fruit of knowledge, which you will be able to eat because we have already experienced our separation from God.

Soul of King Tut-- He was the Boy Pharaoh and he had a special relationship with the gods unlike any of the other pharaohs that existed. When you access King Tut's soul, you will gain access to his exclusive knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic. Not only will you gain the knowledge of this magic, but you will be bridged to the knowledge of the Sphinx. You will gain the ability to summon forth any member of the Egyptian Pantheon that you choose to call upon and they will bless you with their magic.

Romulus found of Rome-- This brings you access to one of the most profound warriors to ever exist. Not only did he establish what would become the most well-known civilization to ever exist on Earth, he brought it wealth to the Earth. He brought conquest and revelation. He brought victory. He brought the knowledge of magic. When you connect to this soul-sequence he will bring all these things to your life, helping you to reach your goals by overcoming all obstacles. He also gives you a direct connection to the Roman pantheon of gods. That is you will be able to use the magic of any Roman god you want.

Soul of Marie Laveau-- Connecting to her soul grants you unprecedented Voodoo power. Any Voodoo magic that you are searching for will be at your fingertips. Who better to trust than the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans who revolutionized Voodoo magic in the United States of America!! This is the peak of Voodoo magic!

Soul of Elizabeth Bathory-- She brings you the knowledge of all blood ritual magic that you may need to know about. Also, when connecting to her soul sequence you can activate pieces that require a blood ritual without needing blood. This is because her very presence seeps the existence of blood ritual energy, eliminating your need for any amount of blood, small or large.

Soul of Saint Germaine-- This brings you a perfect version of alchemy that will allow you to perform the alchemy of the soul. This will allow you to get rid of the things that you do not like about yourself and to add things that you want. This will not work for appearance. Rather, this will work for things like money, fame, love, relationships, etc. He will also allow you to project your astral soul onto the astral plane where you will see and experience things that you thought were never even possible!